Battlefield 3 Beta date + Platoons

The Battlefield 3 Open beta is set to start off on September 27th, 2011 and some new details on the built in platoon system in Battlefield 3.

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Solid_Snake-2687d ago

cant wait for my 48 hour head start. also i clicked the add on the side and thought those private servers are a bit pricey. £65 for a 64 player server per month.

bozebo2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

The servers can only be offered by certain providers, so they have a monopoly and can charge whatever they want.

But, if it is lag free and doesn't have downtime - £65 is an ok price considering how demanding it will be to run for the hardware and the network.

SOD_Delta2687d ago

Close to the latest possible date. I was hoping it would come earlier :(

PhantomT14122687d ago

Yeah I find that part a little bit tricky from Dice & EA...

Scary692687d ago

I thought EA & Dice announce beta will begin the 9th for medal of honor and the 10th for everyone. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Madusha2686d ago

A little birdy told me that the beta will begin on Sept 13 (early access) and Sept 15 for everyone else.

SOD_Delta2686d ago

That sounds like an Awesome birdy you have there. Lets hope its true.....or so help that little bird of yours LOL JK. Thx for the info.

dommafia2687d ago

this is only a rumor...

PhantomT14122687d ago

Well let's say it's the worst date and we still got chances that it's earlier :(

DoubleD272687d ago

but it's the truth, you will see. :-)

AzaziL2687d ago

They should've just called it a demo, but beta sounds more kick ass...

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The story is too old to be commented.