Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed?

When Konami unveiled that Silent Hill HD Collection is releasing simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the game was scheduled for release sometime in September or October. If you’re hoping to get that game at those projected months, you might be disappointed as it looks like the game has been delayed.

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Sneak-Out2597d ago

Amazon Germany has also a release by end of march 2012

EVILDEAD3602597d ago

The delay is probably due to the voice acting fiasco of Silent Hill 2. The original main character was replaced due to him not relinquishing his rights after negotiations fell through.

But, it looks like he decided against hurting the authenticity of the original game. So hopefully he will be included afterall.

Was a big fan of the series, but really hoped to relive the first one with better graphics. Loved SH2, just wish the series could become what it once was..scary as h3ll!

NewZealander2597d ago

fine by me, theres far too many games i want due out this year, now crysis has been added to the list.

with assassins creed revelations, god of war collection, ico collection, gears 3, forza 4, uncharted 3, silent hill downpour, MGS collection, batman AC, sonic generations.......the list goes on.

i want to buy all these and more, but i have no idea how im going to get the time to play them all!

Chewy2nd2597d ago

It's not delayed, the release date has always been 2012, amazon and the others just guessed what the release date would be

See an old press release here

Ramas2597d ago

i hope downpour will come this year

pipipi2597d ago

it will my mate
october 25
its official

Ramas2597d ago

hmm never seen oficial date yet, diferent retailers have difirent dates, but i think they are not oficial yet, i see some dates nov 4, some oct 25 some 2012 february