Evolving the Video Game Female Archetype: The Ladies of Mass Effect

The portrayal of women in video games has been limited to a few overused and archaic archetypes. Women are used as the damsels in distress, the love interests for the protagonist, or sexualized, non-playable sidekicks that serve no other purpose to then to be digital eye candy. Video game women are over sexualized or made to be extremely dependent upon the male hero of the game to bring about some sort of emotional connection and “plot” to the game.

There is hope on the horizon with the depiction of women in video games with The Mass Effect universe.

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wallis2599d ago

Best portrayal of women in a video game goes to valve in my opinion. In fact they have such a good portrayal that 9 times out of 10 people forget to mention valve in the usual "women in games" debate because Alyx Vance is usually just seen as a "character" as opposed to a "female character".

Which is pretty much the perfect portrayal of a female character when you think about it.

...admittedly the nude mods did kind of piss all over that good will.