The Rising Cost of Downloadable Map Packs is Out of Hand

The rising cost and arrival of more map packs for each new shooter is draining wallets.

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Wintersun6162689d ago

This along with the fact that Call of Duty hasn't evolved anywhere in like 4 years now, is the very reason why I steer clear of anything that says Call of Duty on it.

iamnsuperman2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The other option is the elite service. It sounds like your friends buy COD every year so go for it. Yes it $50 but you do actually save some money for that year. I know map packs are expensive and I personally do not buy them (used to) but the thing is Activision is being, well, like a business. They are seeing how far they can push it to maximise profits. It sucks for a lot of people who want the packs but feel ripped off but the answer to that is do not buy them. As long as it sells why change the formula. If it wasn't selling then the formula would change (same thing applies to games). This is why DLC is getting more expensive

chadachada1232687d ago

It just sucks because I wouldn't mind paying $5 for each pack, but $15 is outrageous. Since other people pay for it, though, Activision is gonna keep 'dem prices high.

LouisGarcia2689d ago

Yeah. People love buying up anything COD related, and it just keeps driving that cost up! If only my friends would just play Halo 3 with me...