The Controller-less Revolution, a Step Towards Virtual Reality or Ridicule?

Kinect, PlayStation Move and their role in developing a complete virtual reality.

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Septic2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I will still maintain that motion control gaming and even controller free gaming will lay down the foundations for the next generation of interaction in gaming, albeit not in the current guise. These are necessary steps that need to be taken to help evolve the way we interact with increasingly advanced and complex games.

Totally controller-less gaming just doesn't seen desirable or effective at all to me however.

gamingdroid2648d ago

I think it depends on the experience. I mean, it is undeniable that certain type of games work better on Kinect.

I think it is just too soon to pass judgement, when controller-less and full body tracking gaming has been on sale less than 10-months.

The evolution of the controller we have now has gone through more than 20-years of development. Just getting full skeleton tracking is a huge leap and the next step is to rethink the way we develop games.

People wanted new and innovative things, well you asked for it and got it! It will take years before we know what works and what doesn't.

darthv722648d ago

is a step up the evolutionary ladder in interactive entertainment. People may claim they have no desire for it but we cant lie to ourselves in thinking that.

I would venture a guess that everyone who games (YES "everyone") has wondered what it would be like if our movements had an effect on the game we are playing. How many times have you played a racing game to find yourself leaning with the curves as you go fast around them? How many times have you shaken your controller to try and break a tackle more quickly in a football game? Or how many times have you found yourself ducking and dodging bullets in a FPS?

Everyone will have a slightly different answer to those questions but the basic answer will be we have all reacted in some way to the game we play. Now we have the chance to see what it does when we react and the action on the screen reacts as well.

We may be some time away from the whole holodeck thing but its a start.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2648d ago

Hmm.... maybe in the future but i think physical buttons will always feel better for me...

darthv722648d ago

we have played the same way for so long we feel the need for that reactive physical feedback of pressing something.

Like you said. In time we may get to that point of pressing a virtual button and get a sensation like we actually pressed something only for it to be completely controlerless.

I think for that we would need more in depth sensory responders in things like gloves or a shirt that reacts to the game in a way like you would feel the vibration in a controller.

MysticStrummer2648d ago

The answer is ridicule, until they figure out how to give the player as much control over the action as they currently have when using a controller and I don't think that will happen for a long time, if ever. To me, that's why Move is better than Kinect. Kinect can be used for gaming in a limited way, but Move can do those types of games as well as more traditional "hardcore" games. Move doesn't have the same wow factor because you still have a controller in your hands, but it's more functional as well as precise.

2648d ago
dinkeldinkse2648d ago

Totally controller-less gaming doesn't seem likely. Too many people(myself included)would be against it.

FlashXIII2648d ago

Personally I feel it's heading closer to ridicule than revolution however I think we will have a far clearer picture over the next four months on how big of a success Kinect really is with the sales of it's next line of games.

I still don't think the family market is as sustainable sales wise as the core market. With Microsoft almost exclusively catering for this market, there is still a long way to go to see how much of a success kinect really will be. I bet there a lot of non gamer people who bought all the kinect hype and purchased it on that alone.. I wonder how much of them even know about the next line of kinect games out? It's been a long time since Microsoft personally released a kinect game (excluding the horror one) and I think that's going to hurt them as the buzz has probably died down for a lot of people.

Ofcourse with it being Microsoft, they'll probably once again just throw stupid amounts of money at the marketing to ensure at least enough success to boast a few figures.

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