Final Fantasy Type-0 Collector’s Edition unveiled

Gematsu: "Square Enix has revealed Japan’s collector’s edition version of Final Fantasy Type-0 today. Available exclusively through their eShop, it’ll retail for 12,760 yen (approx. $165 USD)."

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ps4me2596d ago


Hope we hear about a Western release soon..

catguykyou2596d ago

I'm hoping the game will be available via psn so I can play it on Vita.

sashimi2596d ago

sadly i'll most likely get the PSN version unless they rerelease for the Vita.

Chocoboh2596d ago

It's a good game, unlike most of the crap SE has released this gen.

Ddouble2596d ago

You know what to do next SE

CLOUD19832596d ago

JPN get Tales of Xillia in a few days and we get another crap ala-crisis core a full action single char control where u spam X till the end of time in every fcking battle...
SE keep on releasing failures one after another like u do the past 10 years u make me to want Versus to be bad so I can stop care about your retarded games once and for all.

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