Tales of Xillia ships 500,000 copies

Gematsu: "Namco Bandai has announced it’s shipped 500,000 copies of Tales of Xillia for PlayStation 3, which launched yesterday in Japan."

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Misterhbk2687d ago

NOw send 500,000 stateside

Inception2687d ago

"Buy Graces F first dude, than we're talked" - said Namdai xD

Misterhbk2687d ago

Trust me I'm buying graces f day one.

scruffy_bear2687d ago

Another 500,000 to the EU please

Inception2687d ago

Yeah me too :)

AngelGirl162687d ago

Greats news. I hope this games comes to the US.

Titanz2687d ago

I can't believe NA Wii owners have to suffer because Namco-bandai dropped the ball with their Tales of Graces title.

sinncross2687d ago

Im pretty sure they only bothered with the ps3 version so to create a demographic for the series on the ps3 in preparation for an english version of xilia.

knifefight2687d ago

This is gonna sell a lot of PS3's too. Not just because of the special edition console bundle, but this is one heck of a highly anticipated game in Japan.

colossi162687d ago

It's great to hear the game do well. Hard to think how long we have to wait for it to come to the west.

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