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Has Max Payne's Popularity Declined?

Max Payne 3 has received a new release estimate and yet, it doesn't seem to be getting a ton of attention. Is Max showing his age?

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Community2623d ago
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Godchild10202624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

It's a release estimate and not a confirmed, concrete release date that will not see any delays.

Wait until we see some real gameplay videos, it will put the COD vs. BF3 articles to rest. I couldn't be excited because I'm expecting an announcement of a delayed release with a concrete release day in May. Just like the past 2 games that have been release so far that had some dealings with RockStar. I want a March release but wasn't RDR suppose to release that month in 2010? Then got delay til May?

Septic2624d ago

You have to understand that when the original Max Payne was unveiled, it really did stand out from the competition. It was the first game to do proper bullet time and the visuals were also fantastic. Couple that with a very mature storyline and its distinct film noir approach and it stood out from the rest of the competition. Furthermore it's third person shooting elements were sublime at the time.

The market is a lot more saturated now, almost a decade later. We have had several third person shooters, bullet time has been used to death and the adult or 'mature' story angle has also been used a lot in games such as Kane and Lynch and others.

I think Max Payne isn't as fresh a title as it used to be; and the protagonist looks is a lot worse for wear too. However, we shouldn't write this off just yet. More concrete details about the game and its storyline might just reinvigorate interest into this title. It's all down to Rockstar.


I say give it a bit more time and lets hear a bit more about it.

we really do not know anything about this other then it *should* have been released by now, delay after delay.

We have had nothing to look at but just about the same screen shots from what.. a year or two years back?!!

I would not write it off at all for a number of reasons;

A. It's R*
B. Remember Red Dead Redemption, when it was first announced there was almost no hype for it at all. Nobody seemed to care at all about it. Max3 was also announced that same year. RDR got delayed for a long time, no videos, no new screens nothing and hardly anyone even cared.

Then R* gave us a date, then some videos and BLAM!! RDR exploded and was on everyone's mind. the hype went from like 1C to 1000C in a matter of weeks and then the game finally came out and it's still one of the best games this gen.

R* know how to make good stories, they know how to bring in good character development. We have seen them use bullet time with the rage engine in RDR and it was awesome.

Once R* get the hype train going for Max I am sure it will be a massive hit. Give them a chance.