Kojima Productions has the new 3DS Circle Pad attachment

Kojima Productions revealed that the company has obtained Nintendo’s 3DS circle pad accessory and shares some of their thoughts about the add-on.

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TheMyst2598d ago

Nintendo should have implemented this into the design itself. Don't understand what the heck they were thinking especially after all the PSP complaints.

solidboss2598d ago

agree, which is one of the reasons why i think the ps vita will have the edge over the 3ds

gamingdroid2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I agree!

I think the biggest complaint on the PSP was the missing analog,and Nintendo went ahead and made the same mistake.

PS Vita will definitely resonate with the hardcore better than 3DS.

This add-on is tacked on, and really needs to be included in the packaging now. Offer it free to current 3DS owners. There is still time to minimize the damage!

Trunkz Jr2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

They were thinking that $250 was pricey enough, if they added that it would raise the price of the device to say $259.99 or $269.99 which isn't very attractive.

So the 3DS will do fine, Vita will have an edge, only when they 3DS Lite (i'll call it that) is release is when the 3DS will shine, and thats not till like 2013 or so.

TheMyst2598d ago

But they were able to drop the price 80 bucks, that means they had a bigger margin to add more and still be profitable. IMO, they should have gone for it and avoided the hassle of getting the same criticism the PSP got for 7 years.

hard joe2598d ago

3ds lite ftw
hope it'll come sooner
say 2012?

hkgamer2597d ago

Nintendo wanted to make massive profits on 3DS which is why it had a $249 price tag...Adding anohter nud/analog stick will not bump up the price that much... now you can still get a 3DS a lot cheaper but im pretty sure it is still making money for every handheld that is sold... Whilst the Vita is going to be selling at a lost with the $249 price tag

blumatt2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Yeah, I think they should have had more forward thinking when designing the 3DS. A dual analog setup should be standard at this point on any handheld or console controller. It makes shooters and many other games much easier to play. The PSP should have been a lesson learned, not only for Sony, but for Nintendo that dual analog sticks are necessary.

The problem Nintendo has now though is that if they choose to make the 3DS Lite have dual analog sticks standard, it will somewhat segment their userbase.

Etseix2598d ago

Nintendo made a big mistake with N3DS's launch <- fact

poor system...

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evercast2598d ago

Kojima Productions always gives good feedback on new devices from Nintendo. They were also one of the first companies to talk about the WiiU and what they though of it. If I remember correctly.

Shackdaddy8362598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I think they should re-design the add-on. Maybe make the second stick wrap around the 3DS instead of off to the side. Then make it bulkier depth-wise for the 3DS. This will not only make the add-on look better, but since the bulk is on the back, it has a lot more room for the hardware to spread out so it won't be sticking out as much.

IDK about closing it though. Maybe make the stick have a layer that's made out of a really soft substance so it can compress better and wont scratch the screen?

Maybe they'll do this later and the current add-on is just a quick-fix type thing.

maniacmayhem2598d ago

I dont understand really. The DS and PSP had a ton of games made without the second analog. Yes, a second analog would be nice but is it really worth coming out with a silly add on to a portable device?