EMEAA Weekly Chart Week Ending 03rd Sep 2011

PS3 - 83,697
3DS - 67,816
Wii - 47,216
X360 - 45,890
DS - 43,711
PSP - 30,373


1: (X360) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 57,725
2: (PS3) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 57,440
3: (PS3) Driver: San Francisco - 44,512
4: (Wii) Zumba Fitness - 34,900
5: (X360) Driver: San Francisco - 29,344
6: (Wii) Mario Kart Wii - 29,075
7: (Wii) Wii Sports Resort - 26,928
8: (Wii) Wii Sports - 23,038
9: (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o... - 16,195
10: (DS) Pokémon Black / White Version - 15,515

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NukaCola2650d ago

Kudos to Sony. Pulling a good bit this week. And Deus Ex neck and neck...means it's selling equally which is good, means its selling well overall for both.

I do have to ask why the hell is Zumba always on the top 5 list. This must be the game that every casual mom and teen gets. Crazy. The devs who made that game probably don't didnt expect it to sell like it did.

dark-hollow2649d ago

Europeans people gotta stay in shape you know. :p

fucadastates2649d ago

thats how they keep in shape.. the american bigmac people should try ;)

Jobesy2649d ago

The only reason Europeans aren't as fast as Americans is because many European cuisine sucks. Like Ireland, UK, Scotland.

dark-hollow2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

You CLEARLY didn't try the French/Italian or even the English food.

What so unique about the American food besides the fact that it have an average of 2000 calories per meal? :D

Bigpappy2650d ago

That price cut really worked well in EU and other territories and in Japan. Did okay in Americas too by the way.

But looking at software sales, it looks like people mostly replaced old PS3's. I would expect to see more games for PS3 in the top 10. And the hottest game for the week still sold higher on the 360. Doesn't make sense does it.

Well that, if these numbers are true. Right?

LOGICWINS2650d ago

"Well that, if these numbers are true. Right?"

I guess VgChartz all of a sudden became credible again.

GamersRulz2650d ago

man, logic, you have always been kinda logical and unbiased in your comments, but you have changed as of late and I wonder why ?

I'm not talking about this comment, and I know that you have always favored the 360 and there is nothing bad about it.
me in the other hand is the worst PS3 fanboy you can ever have but I have always tried to be fair in my comments.

ON TOPIC: VG chartz is not credible at all but they give slight indication for the market, so yes I expect that they undertracked PS3 again as always XD.


DaTruth2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

"me in the other hand is the worst PS3 fanboy you can ever have but I have always tried to be fair in my comments."

Then you are not the worst PS3 fanboy you can ever find!

TheMyst2649d ago

So Logic, it's credible when the 360 is leading but not when the PS3 is? It goes both ways man, it either is or it's not. Personally, I think it's a good estimation though they are notorious for undertracking PS3 sales.

sikbeta2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

OK, here goes the story of why Chartz-site is not credible to most people, back in the PS2 days when it pretty much got no rivals to fight, it was selling millions while GC and Xbox were way behind, NeoGAF User "ioi" was posting sales chartz in which PS2 HW was undertracked and Xbox HW was overtracked way too much, NeoGAF community told him to stop spreading bad information, but he assured to had "inside info" and he could collect "all retail sales data by his own", but other users prove him wrong many times, in the end he was perma-banned from GAF, after that he created the chartz site and it's what it's now, I don't think the chartz-site is biased or anything at this point, it can happen, but the site gained his own recognition, still most of their predictions are wrong, last estimates got the PS3 undertracked by 22k or something, same with x360, point is, it's not a reliable source, but you can take their estimates sales chartz in consideration if you want to...

LOGICWINS2649d ago

"So Logic, it's credible when the 360 is leading but not when the PS3 is?"

Check my comment history. Find anytime where I have supported VgChartz and acknowledged it as credible.

Jocosta2649d ago

No, it's pretty obvious bigpappy was questioning vgchartz credibility, you even reposted his question, dope.

Clarence2649d ago

Vgchartz has never been credible. They have been caught lots of times under tracking PS3 numbers.

Actually the numbers of 360 have been under tracked as well. Not as much as PS3 numbers though.

The PS3 numbers are probably a little bit higher than what they are showing.

Anon19742649d ago

@ sikbeta. Bubbles. People should always question where they're getting their information from, and vgchartz never has been accurate or credible. At least there once was a time when they'd adjust their figures when legit numbers would come out from each company, and they even made adjustments sometimes when NPD's best guesses would come out. Those days appear to be well in the past. VGChartz was running for almost an entire year with PS3 numbers over 1 million less than official figures. And why would they be accurate? From what I understand, they know a few store owners themselves in the US and people volunteer information and then they just make the rest up. NPD group once guessed that their sample size in the US was something like 2% versus 60% that they used (whatever that means exactly)

End of the day, you just can't trust these numbers. They're often not even in the ballpark. You or I could probably look at sales for a couple of years and guess within VGChart'z often 20% margin of error.

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vyke32649d ago

"I would expect to see more games for PS3 in the top 10"
Did I read the numbers wrong? Because there are 2 games on the list for both the 360 and the PS3. You gotta troll harder next time.

smashcrashbash2650d ago

Well seeing that VGC calculations for the PS3 are usually off I would say that it is probably even more then that. You can always depend on VGC for that.

kingdoms2650d ago

Yeah when you compare, VGC does that with all platforms. The latest example is this month's NPD. Not just PS3 gets under tracked LOL

DaTruth2649d ago

VG probably made the mistake of asking retailers how many 360's they sold, not how many they gave away free with PC's!

tarbis2649d ago

Am I seeing things? PS3 is on top? VGchartz always under track PS3 and over tracks Xbox 360. The end of the world is near, an Xbot site actually over tracking PS3 sales.

wedgie2649d ago

Its still VGchartz, so take everything with a grain of salt...

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