Gears of War 3 - The Year's Biggest Exclusive

MMGN writes: September 2011 seems to be all about survival. Resistance 3 brings us to the brink of extinction as the war against alien race The Chimera reaches breaking point, while Dead Island engulfs the human race with an infectious disease that turns everyone into blood-thirsty zombies (is there any other kind?).

Now there is the upcoming Gears of War 3, the epic conclusion to Epic's highly-popular third-person shooter, a series that has realised the potential its narrative projects, blended together with a multiplayer component oozing with competitiveness.

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xXtremeHDGamerXx2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Gears of War 3 is going to take a big sh*t on socom 4 killzone 3 Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3

smashcrashbash2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I am sorry everyone knows UC plays with the big boys now that it has earned the respect of the non haters of the gaming community. It will be competition to Gears 3 despite what people may say. And R3 is getting great scores across the board. Sorry to burst your bubble.

bangoskank2688d ago

Competition? Not for hardcore gamers who will buy both games. Personally I'm anticipating Gears 3 more because I'm addicted to its multi-player and feel that I will get years of gameplay out of it like I did with Gears 2. That said I love the Uncharted series and look forward to stepping into Drake's shoes once again... after I play Dark Souls. I will be playing UC and DS on my PS3. Gears 3 will obviously be played on my 360. I will love all three of them equally like my newborn children. Will just pay a more attention to Gears.

KingSlayer2688d ago

It's puff puff pass, not puff all the shit yourself.

HeavenlySnipes2688d ago

of the day....and its like 12 AM here lol

badz1492688d ago

THIS is what happen when you have almost no other exclusive to talk about all year long! the only worthy to be mentioned will be the BIGGEST OF THE YEAR! typical!

I think people are missing the point here when talking about sales! let say Gears3 sell the total of combined all PS3 exclusives this year, still 360 only owners get 1 exclusives compared to MANY exclusives on PS3! so...if you're a gamer, which 1 is better! 1 that sells gazillion or MANY that you can choose from?

Evetssteve2688d ago

Quality over quantity. I'd rather have 1 or 2 games that keep me coming back for years than 8 or 9 games that I stop playing after a month.

Look at Gears 2. Even though it's multiplayer isn't perfect, the core gameplay is so addicting that millions are still hardcore fans.

That's not to say there aren't PS3 games I am excited for and will be getting day 1, like UC3, but Gears multiplayer is on another level when it comes to replayability. Especially when you factor in all the new additions for Gears 3.

My favorite PS3 exclusive is now multiplat. Dark Souls ( not a true sequel but you get the point ). Will still be picking that one up on PS3 though since there's no real good reason to switch.

PimpDaddy2688d ago

You can own both the PS3/360 like I do. Then you don't have to choose sides. Or play sales. Or spin Quantity vs Quality. Just saying...

NegativeCreep4272688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Right Evetssteve...just like Gears of War 2...that kept you coming back for years...with all the patches that it required to fix it's fractured online multiplayer component, am I right?

I'm just saying. Stop acting like Gears of War is the only reason that you inhale and exhale through your nose every day.

badz1492688d ago

hmm...are you trying to imply that PS3 exclusives are not of pure quality? don't even go there dude! if those aren't what are? Kinect games? 360 fans are funny sometimes. (I'm not singling you out here,) when talking about console sales/NPD, "360 is the best! 360 rules!" while the 360 is seriously lacking in term of gaming compared to PS3 but when talking about games, they turn back to "quality over quantity" argument. funny!

"I'd rather have 1 or 2 games that keep me coming back for years than 8 or 9 games that I stop playing after a month."

if you're playing 1 game for a month, for me, it's money well spent already! that's still a month of great time and why not move on to another great game coming? lets be honest here, nobody has all the time in the world to spend hundreds of hours on 1 game and still have hundreds of hours for other games! replayability is seriously over-rated! even in the publishers and devs world, they are not talking about years of replayability because clearly most of them want you to keep buying the new version every year! CoD does it, BF does it, AC does it and all sports game do it! get my point, hopefully!

PimpDaddy2688d ago

Tell me how the 360 is "SERIOUSLY" lacking in comparison to the 360? Look at the whole library of games since both consoles launched and they are very comparable.

I will admit the PS3 has done better in the "EXCLUSIVES" department the past 18 months in comparison to the 360. But it's not the end all/be all that PS3 fans make it out to be.

PS3 fans love to make the higher quantity of exclusives argument when comparing game libraries while dismissing multi-platform titles and older catalog titles.

If you want to debate this at least be fair and factual about it.

I will admit as a fellow PS3 owner that the PS3 has some damn good exclusives. In fact I plan to purchase UC3, KZ3, and Infamous 2 before the end of the year. But I will also be spending my money on GEOW3, MW3, BF3, and Skyrim for the 360 this year. I pretty much split my money evenly between both consoles. Because "BOTH" consoles have an excellent game library.

TyrionL2687d ago

@ Pimp
See that's the beauty of owning both, but the 1 console fanboys on this site (I mean both kinds)can't seem to admit that. It has to be their console that's the best, or they feel inferior. Why? I don’t know, but it really shows their mentality. I own all 3 consoles and am excited for releases on every one. The top 3 I want are Zelda: SS, UC 3, and Gears 3. Like you said there’s also Skyrim, Batman AC, Dark Souls, BF 3, and a few more I know I’m forgetting. The point is not matter what console you have there is PLENTY to be excited for, and to let your bias towards a corporation be the only reason you miss out on the other consoles games is pretty silly to me, and that’s your loss. I just don’t see how any gamer, like myself, would want to miss out on some amazing games just because their on a certain console.

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TheMyst2688d ago

Lol, sure buddy, you play that one game, while we play those 4 quality games you listed. I don't get what you're trying to say. Sales wise? Cause sales wise I'm pretty sure UC3 is gonna hit 5 million, KZ3 should reach roughly 3 million, I have no idea about SOCOM 4 and R3 should reach 2 million.

Gears will reach roughly 6-6.5 million based on the previous games so I really don't get what you're saying. It's just funny how blind fanboys like you can be. haha.

You're seriously happier having one exclusive over 4 (and even more that you didn't list). That's just hilarious!

TheFact0032688d ago

No doubt it's like when poor people finally get some food, even if it's shitty (CoD), they will appreciate it because they don't get it everyday, and once in a year they get to eat a lobster (Gears)they go crazy, while the rich(PS3)eat plenty everyday

EVILDEAD3602688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Lmao @ TheMist trying to call others [email protected] he's just a multi-account who joined 3 days ago with the sole purpose of trolling the 360.

It cracks me up at what length these guys have to take it to bash the 360. This guy has to even pretend he's a 'dual console' owner when he clearly doesn't even own a

Gears will be the biggest exclusve of year..But the fact is it would have been no matter what time of the year it was released. And it has everything to do with the quality and fun this game has given millions of us gamers since day one.


Dwalls11712688d ago

Can someone tell me how xbox live is better then playstaion network...i read articles like this and they always say live is better but never explain how?

PimpDaddy2688d ago

Why don't you give each service an honest try and determine for yourself which is better. Why let somebody else form your opinion?

I have PSN and XBL since I own both the 360 and PS3. I prefer XBL. But that is my opinion. PSN is a good service too. It has improved considerably since the PS3 first launched.

Guitardr852688d ago

That's funny because I always through Gears games were grossly average. Not bad...just average!

TyrionL2687d ago

I'm sure some people feel the same way about your favorite game, so what’s your point?

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KonohagakureFC2688d ago

Has the most amount of hype, but the biggest of the year? Not so much

bozebo2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I think SWTOR may end up being the biggest exclusive of the year, though most of the sales will probably not actually be this year... (that is, if the mmo doesn't crash and burn like 90% of them)

GeoW3 certainly won't be the best exclusive of the year, but it probably will be the biggest purely by sales numbers.

KonohagakureFC2688d ago

True it probably will have the most amount of sales

Farsendor12688d ago

guild wars 2


diablo 3

those games have a lot of potential

Guitardr852688d ago


HAHA, I'd hope to god it sells a lot!!! Isn't this Microsoft's first exclusive since like...2009???!?!

bozebo2687d ago

not sure why i get 7 disagrees for stating a fact :/

Guitardr852686d ago


True sales wise it probably will have the most sales...outside of call of duty. Xbox users only have a limited number of exclusive games to choose from, of course sales will be big, it's the only one they've to halo!

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omi25p2688d ago

Battlefield 3 has the most ammount of hype. Gears 3 just has the most preorders.

DEA Fresh2688d ago

Gears of War biggest exclusive

Call of Duty MW3 biggest media release of all time

SCW19822688d ago

MW3 biggest media disappointment of all time, As far as quality goes Battlefield 3 will eat it for lunch.

SCW19822688d ago

Biggest exclusive my ass. The sequel to the most acclaimed game in history will have something to say about that. Team Drake FTW

TheMyst2688d ago

Quality wise no doubt about it, Gears isn't known for it's story (all you need to know is it's a bunch of marines on steroid killing aliens that came from within the planet).

Sales wise, I'm predicting that Gears will outsell UC3 by roughly 1-1.5 million units based on the previous games in both series. Still, I don't understand how a game selling better makes it in any way more enjoyable. it's still the same game regardless of whether it sells 1 million or 20 million.

STICKzophrenic2688d ago

...and treasure hunting is a much better story I suppose? /fanboy response

That said, I'll get both games.

Guitardr852686d ago


Yeah...yeah it is!

cr33ping_death2688d ago

ill be missing out on this one, but i hope it turns out great, unlike the crap multiplayer the second game had.

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