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"Back in 1991, Nintendo's Super NES was released in the States. I obtained one while still in production around 1993, and have since amassed a small collection of SNES favorites that made me cry, made me sleep, even gave me wet dreams… more from thinking about playing them again than anything actually moving about them. Just hatred and jealousy over someone other than me having the money spent on such games." - Kevin Schaller

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knifefight2690d ago

Cheers to a great machine!
20 year later and still lookin' good, buddy~

dbjj120882690d ago

Man I love the SNES. Best console ever (which is to say the best line-up of games ever).

ftwrthtx2690d ago

The SNES was an awesome machine. Those damn cartridges sucked at times though.

stormeagle62690d ago

Long live the classics... at least until the cart's save battery runs out

Oaklnd2690d ago

Classics man, forever will i hold onto all my old games

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