August NPD: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, NCAA Football 12 sales revealed

U.S. software sales for Deus Ex: Human Revolution in its debut month have been revealed as well as numbers for NCAA Football 12.

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MaideninBlack2595d ago

244k? Is that all? Expected more by all the hype this game has been getting.

NYC_Gamer2595d ago

Remember it's getting the hype from reviewers/gamers on forums and not the average Joe on the street

SuperLupe2594d ago

Its only the sales for 5 days.

egidem2594d ago

NYC_Gamer beat me to it.

All I can say is after having played through the game twice using different approaches, the game deserves recognition as well as the hype. It's a pretty good game.

BinaryMind2594d ago

Good job for Deus Ex. It will probably get a top 10 chart placing next month.

MaideninBlack2594d ago

With Gears and Resistance and other new releases in Sept? I doubt it.

EditorAtGNG2594d ago

This is inconsistent information. Unites sold where? In the US, UK, Europe as a whole or globally speaking. Also, consoles only, PC only or all together?

Tachyon_Nova2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

It's not inconsistent information, you just don't know what you're talking about. It is I thought well known that NPD track all games sold on all platforms sold at retail in the United States, they however do not track digitial download copies for PC for example.

If you want to know more, just google search NPD research methodology.

EDIT: It even says in the article US Software sales, so how about you take the time to actually pay attention to something.

EditorAtGNG2594d ago

Thanks for the enlightenment. Though Steam sales as well as digital purchases weren't listed.

romancer2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

The figures for DE:HR. if correct, are on the weak side.
This would be the first five days, including pre-orders....

NCAA Football 12, in its second month of sales, was only 4,000 copies behind the top spot.

L.A. Noire sold 1.6 million first 7 days. (new franchise and a tough sell).
Fallout 3 sold 4.7 million first week.
Crysis 2 sold over 600,000 first week.
(not including downloads).