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Jared at says:

"Imagine being able to “shift” into another vehicle at any time! Well, this is one of the many great things you can do in Driver: San Francisco. The game also features exceptional cinematic effects from cut-scenes, to descriptive maps Driver: San Francisco “has it all going on” cinematic wise! Another great thing about this game is you can use oncoming vehicles to your advantage. For example: let’s say you are in a street race. You could “shift” into an oncoming vehicle and ram an opponent! This can easily give you a much better chance at winning the race."

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casrman2595d ago

I really enjoyed reviewing this game!


chasegarcia2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

and just clap for a bit. Just played the demo. Really surprised this game is good.

gcolley2595d ago

got this game waiting for me at home and can't wait to fire it up. loved both SP and MP demos and just driver driving in general.

jasontilley2595d ago

i have not managed to purchase the game yet, but have played it round my mates, it is a god game, although lacks the online feature.