Why I love Achievements and why they are potentially damaging

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Since the advent of the Achievement system on Xbox 360 back in 2005, gaming has become a very different prospect for many people. A friend of mine, who was previously the very definition of a casual gamer has since become one of the dedicated hardcore elite thanks to a rather unhealthy addiction to Achievement chasing".

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WolfLeBlack2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Who knew that simple little numbers could create a generation of Achievement hunters filled with a desire hunt down and brutally claim those little bragging rights.

By god Microsoft, you created a monster! :D

Anyway, I enjoy getting some achievements, but only those that I view as fun to obtain.

I also know people who have become far too addicted to achievements. One person on my friends list wouldn't come play an online game with me and a fellow friend, simply because the online side of things offered no achievements.

TheMyst2687d ago

Achievements are awesome and I was so happy when SONY decided to add trophies. I'm not a hunter per se, but I do like getting them (though I don't actively try to). They're pretty cool and a great example of why competition benefits us all.

EVILDEAD3602687d ago

The Achievement system is one of he greatest features created in ANY gen..and one of the main reasons for the 360s success.

It is the reason, that many gamers actually strive to get the most out of our games and the biggest reason 99% of my games will never get traded to blockbuster.

Anybody whose felt the incredible sense of 'achievement' (pun intended) getting through veteran or Legendary just ot get those achievements undertand what I'm talking about.

gamingdroid2687d ago

I do agree, as I shamefully enjoy getting achievements. Little points that don't matter.

Convas2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I feel you bro. I am the same way. More than 14 retail games for 360, I don't rent and I will not trade them, I don't even let friends borrow them.

Pretty much because when I get a game, I see 100% as getting my full money's worth out of it, prompting me to explore areas of the game or investigate content I wouldn't normally look into on my own.

I'll never forget how hard I had to work to get all the achievements for Grand Theft Auto IV. Halo 3's full 1750 gamerscore was a monster. Bad Company (the original) full 1K was a massive grindfest between the 10,000 MP kills, and getting all the patches and wildcards.

And who can forget Vidmaster: Endure from Halo 3: ODST for the full 1K. Sweet Mercy. Or the Vidmaster from Halo 3 with 4 player finishing the last level. On Legendary. All 4 on Ghosts. 11 motherflipping tries son!

And now, most recently, my painful journey to 100% Black Ops. I just finished the Ascension Zombie Map Achievements, but the retail zombie achievements alone were a challenge. Just have Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and Moon achievements to do now.

EVILDEAD3602687d ago

[email protected] Clizz you are killing it...

See that's what I'm talking about..enduring the impossible just to hear that noise and get those last points..

The problem with me is I get way too many games to get everything..I'm at the point where I just go straight to the hardest level on Call of Duty..umm Halo..always play the campaign more than once.

I laughed hard at you talking about that last level in Halo 3. But, don't sleep Reach is no joke as well. Salutes 343 and Microsoft for letting us finally earn achievements on the original Halo come November.


Convas2687d ago

My problem with achievements isn't that I'm obsessed with my gamerscore, but that I'm obsessed with getting 100% completion on the games that I buy.

Max Power2687d ago

Same here, but for Trophies. I just recently started to play games that I got sick of before I could get the platinum. Plus, there are also many games that I haven't replayed since my old PSN got banned, and I am determined to reclaim those trophies. Then there is the problem of online specific trophies, achievements, for games that aren't populated enough or have active servers, which will prevent me getting 100%

Convas2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Pretty much this. I've platinumed just about every PS3 game I have, and I will continue to do so. I find, though, that on PS3, I don't need 100%, really I just need the Platinum to be happy.

But I feel you on the games. I have to seperate them down into categories.

Must Haves: Titles that I absolutely want without a shadow of a doubt. Games like Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3, that I'll buy regardless of the achieves/trophies and work to 100%/Platinum. Despite difficult grinds like Seriously 3.0 being in there. (Black Ops fell into this category as my first COD and I sort of regret it now, trying to get 100% on those ridiculously luck based Zombie achievements)

Do Wants: Games that I like, and may get on launch. These games I screen and research a bit more carefully for achieves/trophies, to make sure I won't regret it later.

Quite a few games have been cut from this list recently, Crysis 2, Bodycount, Bulletstorm, simply because they have incredibly engaging online MP achieves or because they simply fall lower than some of my other Do Wants and get cut from the list.

2 months ago, my wishlist was 16+ games coming this year our out already. Now it's down to 4 Must Haves, and 4-6 Do Wants. Hopefully Battlefield 3 won't have any 10,000 Kill achieves/trophies ...

Trophywhore2687d ago

I only go for platinum of games that I really like. Recently I discovered that a platinum is only work twice as much as a gold though so the effort for getting one seems too much compared to how easy some golds are. A platinum should at least add 5% to your score or something.

BakedGoods2687d ago

That matters if you're going for the level up. The real gamers go for plats--regardless if two golds in another game are easier. Plats just look better on a trophy card.

steve30x2687d ago

I dont care about Achievements. They dont add anything to my game nor do they unlock any extra bits of the game. I just want to play the game.

2687d ago
rjgbyrne2687d ago

I loved them until an update crashed my profile and all achievements had been lost, the points are there but the actual achievements where not. MS still haven't plugged this yet but when the Cloud gets sorted they should.

Dowie2687d ago

I love achievements/trophies...

Before achievements I would play most games on easy/normal and just get them done. Nowadays I play on the harder modes, play the extra mini-games, max out my character and even hunt down collectibles because of achievements/trophies.

Of course i'll only do it if i'm having fun, I won't solely do it for my gamerscore or trophy collection but it does add a lot to the games for me.

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