How WoW Killed Modern MMO’s

Insight from community writer thirtyfour of FingerSports.

Yes, I truly believe that World of Warcraft has murdered the MMO Genre of our time and perhaps even that of our children. If you are going to get very upset reading this I suggest you simply close the window and move on, no hard feelings. Better yet, offer your opinion.

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marichuu2689d ago

How about stfu. Not clicking on that site.

catguykyou2689d ago

I'm pretty sure WoW defined (at the time) what a modern mmo should offer. Even now, all MMo's that are coming out have a high bar they need to meet in order to have any form of success. Games are finally starting to demonstrate the same content amount/ quality and community support that WoW does. While a lot of it's mechanics are starting to show their age, you can't deny what it has done for the genre.

fingersports2689d ago

And I completely agree, if you read the article you would see that. Your points however - are the issue.

NuclearDuke2689d ago

I think all the rip-off MMO's that has been send out with great promises and graphics has totally destroyed the MMO market. Well, not destroyed as it is still alive, very well also, but they have decided a new faith - Pay2Win-models which obviously ruins the "back-bone" of gaming, which is experience matters.

I'd like to put blame to Aion, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online & Lord of the Rings Online before ever casting doubt upon World of Warcraft.

jib2689d ago

don't know about age of conan or warhammer online but for lotro to go that route was a business move. they weren't turning a profit prior. lotro would be gone today for the people who do enjoy it without switching

GKickNetwork2688d ago

Both Age of Conan and LOTRO have doubled (or in LOTRO's case, tripled) their revenues compared to their time as an exclusively pay-to-play game since going free-to-play.

In most cases, it's a business model that just works, especially when you need to compete with WoW for that recurring fee each month.

Tigerfist2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I really don't get your point at all...

World of Warcraft was (and still is to some extent) an awesome game. That quality just blew away other MMO's.

Not overly complicated but still challenging and fun to play. Raiding was fun and the community just added to that factor. PvP was compelling and intense. The world was also a wonderfull sight.

The thing is, WOW is getting old. Things are getting way too simplified to the point that it isn't funny anymore. We just need some new blood on the MMO scene, quality new blood.

PS: NuclearDuke pointed out the Pay2Win MMO's which are just another important thing about the MMO world. Usually cheap-ass or even boring games that, although beeing free, they just end offering a lackluster experience.

JohnnyMann4202689d ago

Modern as in 5 years ago? Or did you mean Modern as in 10 years ago?

catguykyou2689d ago

yes, compared to games that were out at the time. Runescape, Anarchy Online, and Everquest it was very modern.

Even when wow launched in 2004, it was up against games like star wars galaxies and everquest 2. Do you see either of these around?

2 years ago even, wow has only really gone against free to play mmos that have struggled to find a balance between what to charge for and what should be free.

MMOs have struggled to find their own footing because it is hard to dethrone wow. The community is large and the content keeps flowing while the game itself keeps evolving. While parts have gotten stale, it is only now that some mmos have started to be announced/ come out that offer all that wow can offer with very appealing innovations. Time will tell if they pan out.

My eyes are currently on Tera. A MMO that features not just pvp but lots of PVE and lots of community/ player based interaction including a political system.

JohnnyMann4202689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

What I don't think people understand where I am coming from is that WoW's game play is no longer "Modern" and hasn't been for a few years.

I play every MMO under the sun. You name it, I have played it or at least tried it.

WoW's formula is old. I am not saying it's bad, mind you... but it is not modern any more.

So many MMOs have copied its formula throughout the years that WoW is not modern.

If anyone has been watching Guild Wars 2, I would like people to understand that this is where modern MMOs are heading. Even GW2 is using things that worked from games like WoW, WAR(PQs), and even successful Korean MMOs our market hasn't seen yet. Then you have the Action MMO aspect like you would see in Vindictus. It is also using a skill based weapon leveling up system that you would see in a game like Final Fantasy XI. FFXI was not the first to do that and you could trace that back to console JRPGs.

To call WoW modern, or call it's MMO style modern is wrong. It was modern 7 years ago when it was released and to be honest other games did the exact same thing, just not as good.

WoW mainstreamed MMOs and for that every RPGer is grateful.

fingersports2689d ago

Modern as in, the repercussions of its release are affecting games 10 years down the line, modern games defined on a model which was being developed before Switzerland joined the UN.

catguykyou2689d ago

If a game that started development 9 -10 years ago is still being used as the poster-child for what modern games need to offer content wise, than I am OK with this. This generation, we have only seen content and features cut from new games. GTA4 compared to San-Andreas, Obvlivian to Morrowind.

Wow is popular because it was that ahead of it's time. We have only just gotten to the point where new MMo's need to not just match the quality of the content/ community but exceed it with innovations is not a sign of a game that's killed anything, but set high standards that are only now starting to be met.
This has helped weed out the trash games that have were rushed out that thought they could jump on the MMO money making band wagon.

Because of wow, MMO's have had to innovate in ways no one has thought of before to survive. The ones that are still around have done so because they changed a lot and had to work very very hard to earn the userbase they did. None at their initial release were worth much at all.

You don't compare Uncharted 2 to Unearthed
and come away from it complaining that it's Uncharted 2s fault that a unpolished/ half-assed games can't succeed.

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