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units2596d ago

with price drop and heavy titles sony have been thrown out this year i expected better

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iamnsuperman2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Not bad for the US though. The US has always been a big 360 install base compared to the PS3. Where Sony makes up the losses there is the Asian and European markets.

edit:A month is not really time to see how the price drop has affected sales. Christmas sales will be the first time we get to see the real effect.

zeeshan2596d ago

I think xbl is what Americans prefer compared to NA. Friends make other fiends buy 360 cuz everybody is gaming online on xbl. That is the concept here in the US.

gaffyh2596d ago

The 360 is STILL cheaper than the PS3 on some SKUs, so it's no surprise. If the price was exactly the same, then we'd see higher percentage of PS3 sales. Also, the price cut was announced just after mid-August, so only half a month of post-price cut sales are included.

Ju2595d ago

Considering the price cut took effect on August 25th or something, it has minimal impact on August numbers. September will be more interesting. Current trends show 360 and PS3 at the same level. Which would be quite an achievement for the PS3. If the 360 can't outsell the PS3 in its home turf this will become an interesting match.

gaffyh2595d ago

@disagreers - It's a fact that when PS3 and 360 have been priced at the same amount, PS3 has always outsold the 360. You saying it wouldn't do the same again when it still offers more value for money due to including a blu-ray player? Consumers just want the cheapest product most of the time, but they aren't stupid.

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gamingdroid2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Based off recent trends, the last two quarters MS sold more consoles than Sony worldwide. That is in each company's financials.

Sony missed their target of 15 million units that resulted in a price cut that is somewhat tepid in the worlds largest video game market, the US.

Furthermore, the latest numbers show a market share change for MS, and that is prior to a price drop. You can see my analysis in another post below.

In Europe it seems Sony and MS is head on about even with slight advantage to Sony, so really the equalizer in all of this is really just Japan.

None the less, the "growth" from the price drop was significantly weaker than I expected. Since the console is now more affordable, I expect significant increase in unit sales, but instead Sony just about matched their August 2009 (pre first price cut) and their August 2010 (almost year after price cut).

The end result:
- Wii decrease market share
- Sony maintained after a price cut
- MS increased market share at Wii's expense with no price cut

* of importance is that even though both Nintendo and Sony has dropped the price, MS market share is growing.

MS strength in the US is undeniable, just like Japan is Sony's home turf.

I guess a price cut might not happen in the US now for MS if this keeps up.

xfrgtr2595d ago

Worlwide the ps3 is outselling the 360

MaxXAttaxX2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Move along.

You guys get high on these numbers, or what?

mugoldeneagle032595d ago

Your absolutely true on your first point. Working in retail for 4 years now the comment I most often hear when I ask why someones interested in a 360 is "my friends have it". However I think it's more about the Xbox releasing first rather than XBL.

XBL is a smoother experience no doubt, but the fact that early adopters had a full year to pick up the system before the PS3 released is why so many people have friends that have one. Especially when there wasn't another console out at that time until 2006.

I just think people underestimate that year start. Not as a fanboy sales meter at all, but rather just adoption rate.

And I also think it'll be interesting to see how closely the "PS4 & Xbox 720" release within each other, cause I guarantee it won't be a year apart this time.

callahan092595d ago

The fact that gaffyh's comment has more disagrees than agrees is precisely the problem with the user base of N4G. Are we all kidding ourselves here, or what? He is 100% correct on all points, there is absolutely nothing subjective in his comment, and nothing to disagree with. Are there 360 models that are cheaper than the cheapest PS3, even still? Yes. Fact. Was the PS3 price drop not enacted until the middle of August, and therefore the entire month didn't see a sales increase, but only the second half of the month? Yes. Fact. August 17th, actually.

PoweredParaglider2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Have to correct Darkride66 once more.

First he admits he mistakenly posted "2 million" as the current official gap.... Then he states the gap is "whittled down closer to 3 million"

What is the matter with that guy?

Official figures of Sony and MS have put the worldwide gap at 3.5 million.
No more, no less.

In the 5 years that the ps3 has been available, it has closed the original gap of 9 million by only 5.5 million.

There is no doubt that the ps3 has marginally outsold the 360 worldwide since 2006.
Sorry, 360 fans, it is true.

However, what the ps3 fanboys (especially Darkride66) won't tell you, is the actual RATE at which the ps3 is catching the 360.

That rate is, on average, 1.1 million or less per year and it is nowhere near enough...
Here's why:

At this rate it will take more than three years, starting today, for the ps3 to break even with the 360.
3 years x 1.1 million catchup growth = 3.3 million gained on the 360.
The official gap is 3.5 million today.

Thus, it will take 3 more years of established ps3 catchup growth to break even with the 360.

That means September 2014.

I am not making this up.
Check the numbers for yourself.

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TheMyst2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

NA is BY FAR the PS3's weakest territory so with that in mind it did great! Congrats to SONY. At this point, it's obvious the PS3 will never overtake the 360, MS did a brilliant job at getting the Xbox to be household name in the US (especially XBL). I mean, seriously, even MS haters have to admit that MS really did make all the right moves at the start of the gen (getting games to go multi, getting XBL into peoples minds, making the Xbox an extremely Social consoles, the "It" thing to own if you will).

WW, however, it's a vastly different story. The PS3 will surpass the 360 eventually. Nonetheless, all three consoles did great, PS3 owners get to keep enjoying tons of exclusives, and 360 owners get to keep playing their online FPS (halo, cod, etc). Win win for all.

EDIT: Lol, ok, guess everything I just said is false, or at least the phantom disagreers thing it is. haha, seriously, this site cracks me up, I love it! lol.

TruthBTold2596d ago

Thats what I think. I only own a PS3 but only due to time. I don't find much time to play PS3 so having the 360 would take up more time considering the games it also has. Having had such competition this year has brought out the best in both companies. When there is competition the real winners are consumers because companies will do what they can to get you to choose their product. If there was no competition we would have seen far less games with very little to no improvements at a high price. Everyone should jsut enjoy games, it seems so hard to enjoy when everyone just argues about who is better at what. Let's hope the race continues between these two for a long time and next gen we see amazing things.

2v12596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

getting xbl in to ppl minds
so sorry they got you
the it ting
man i do mi own ting
and 360 owners get to keep playing their online fps tru win win for all.

Godmars2902596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

You're speaking more of the market than the product. Of which can be said many things.

With maybe 1-2 years if not longer before the next consoles are announced does it really matter?

Though of course MS will still have a stronger presence in NA.

solar2596d ago

its always the same. ps3 does not sell well in america the most important market. its a shame really.

sikbeta2596d ago

Considering how bad the economy is now (*hoping it'll get better ASAP*) and looking at how the most expensive console out there manage to sell +200k with competitors offering more affordable prices, I think is doing good, so not really a shame...

stunkilla2596d ago

america dont make shit. it's all bought from asia duh lmao

JokesOnYou2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Well price is a factor but not the most important factor for example look no further than Apple, I mean this is NOTHING LIKE a Lamborghini compared to a Ford where the quality factor is obvious but the price is completely out of all but the most wealthy peoples range, meaning most consumers couldnt buy a Lamborghini even if they wanted one, no this is a consumer electronics device basicly a toy that many kids get for presents and adults have for hobby/free time. Many electronics manufacturers outsell cheaper brands, Apple sell many more ipods, iphones, and ipads compared to the competition which in many cases is much cheaper, simply put consumers will buy a more expensive product based on what they believe that brand offers= value vs price; value is completely subjective based on the needs and tastes of the individual consumer, ps3 has added bluray capability for games and movie playback, free online, and was *advertised for its superior hardware specs.=

Shouldn't the consumer expect ps3 to cost more?, yet at least here in the US the ps3's value has not translated into higher consumer demand compared to the 360, also although the ps3 sells better outside the US, it certainly is NOT even close to dominating outside of Japan because if that were true, now 6yrs later theres no way 360 would not still be leading or even close in total install base, therefore all factors considered the bottom line is the old arguement that ps3 is behind due to it being more expensive is flawed thinking, sony themselves predicted they would outsell 360 quickly after release of the ps3 ALL while being much more expensive than the 360 than it is now. Who could have imagined even after multiple price drops by sony, sales promotions, 360's initial terrible hardware problems and currently a mere $50 difference that the almighty ps brand console would still be trailing. All that said, its really insignificant at this point with both have a healthy install base to support devs/games.

gamingdroid2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

I did an analysis above, but I will post here. The gist of it is that, despite the closing price gap between Xbox 360 and PS3, the xbox 360 is gaining market share from Wii while PS3 is holding on to theirs (I'm assuming due to the price drop).

My entire post from above responding to fr0sty:

Consumers don't care about what the price drop is, only what the final price is. Thus, lowering prices you would expect more people to "afford" the units, so an increase accordingly is expected. If you are not, that suggest the competition is offering better value or the market has significantly changed i.e. economy gotten worse, market is shrinking etc...

sept / aug / jul 2009
ps3 491k / 210 / 121k
wii 462k / 277 / 252k
xbox 352k / 215 / 202k
total 1305k / 702 / 575

aug / jul 2011
ps3 218k / 148k
wii 190k / 190k
xbox 308k / 277k
total 716k / 615

*official npd numbers

However, if you actually study the total unit sold they are pretty consistent, but the market share has shifted to MS favor. Sony stayed put despite price cut, Wii lost market share to MS. I was rather surprised, as I expected it to shift in Sony's favor.

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kreate2596d ago

i dont understand.

with games like god of war. heavy rain. uncharted. killzone. metal gear solid 4. socom 4. mag. ratchet and clank. infamous. resistance. gran turismo 5. and blu ray on top.

ps3 should be selling better in america. these are games americans would like. yet they dont want to buy ps3s? o_0;;

i understand japan abandoning the xbox due to games like halo and gears.
but whats up with america not wanting to buy ps3s? its not like sony is shoving games like idol master or love plus down the throats of americans.

america = anti ps3 ??

i dont mean ps3 would or should overtake the 360. im just saying ps3 should sell at least a little better than this in NA. especially at a 250 price point.

at this rate .. 199 price tag probably wont do too much either in the good ole US of A.

newn4gguy2596d ago

You are SEVERELY overestimating Americans. I'm one of them, so I know. I love this country, but it is ran on media and popular opinion. People DO believe everything they hear on tv and from their friends. Seriously.

Sony is putting out better titles and MORE titles. That doesn't matter though. If people have a mindset about something, it is incredibly hard to change that mindset.

kreate2596d ago

So ..... Americans are ignorant? o_O;;

Death2596d ago

Maybe social gaming is a little more important than Sony thought.Live integration is still a generation ahead of PSN. Of the games listed, most are single player experiences or the very least, mainly single player. Microsoft realized last gen that people that play together seem to spend more time playing.


kreate2596d ago


other than 3 of the games listed. rest are multiplayer. or hav multiplayer components.

multiplayer games were popular since the 90's with games like starcraft. diablo. rainbow six. everquest. lineage. street fighter. mariokart. virtua cop. etc.

the reason why MS is obsessed with multiplayer is becuz they want ppl to play online so they can sell more gold memberships. being online also mean they can make money from advertisements. enhances the chance of consumers buying and downloading even more games from the market.

i dont think the reason u listed is the main driving factor of ppl buying more xboxs in america. or not buying ps3s especially when u can play ps3 online for free.

but im sure ur reasoning might be part of it.

gamingdroid2596d ago

Cultural differences creates different interests. We can all say that the Japanese and even European have odd tastes. We Amercian's can equally have said, why don't Japanese buy shooters! Those are great games!

Europeans would say, soccer!

It doesn't mean Amercians believe more in media and popular opinion than other countries. In fact, if anything America has free speech and we are the most vocal to call out our government than any other country in the world.

Solidus187-SCMilk2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

AHAHH you people are dumb asses. Calling a country ignorant because they buy more 360s than PS3s. hahahahaah

Americans still buy alot more PS3s than most places, in addition to the most wiis and most 360s. USA is the largest single market and where sony dominated and sold the most PS1s, and PS2s. But not PS3. As a country im pretty darn sure that Americans have bought more PS3s than any other country in the entire world by hella far. It takes the total PS3 sales from the whole CONTINENT of Europe to outsell the COUNTRY of USA's PS3 sales, and Europe has a much larger population than USA+Canada(NPD).

HAHA fact is USA used to be sony's biggest supporters and still are. We are the biggest supporters of all videogame companies. Ohhh, and USA isnt the only place where sonys sales have gone down since PS2. That would be everywhere in the world.

Im American and own all playstations and xboxs ever made, in addition to many nintendos, a few segas and always had computers for games.

Parapraxis2595d ago

"Live integration is still a generation ahead of PSN"
In your dreams.

Micro_Sony2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

So Americans are ignorant for supporting an AMERICAN (God Bless this country) company over a Japanese company -_- its called being a Patriot and last I heard its not a crime to be one.

If MS goes out of buisness guess how many families in America will be out of jobs?

All Americans who hate on MS should be supporting MS on doing so well and for providing Americans with jobs.

NeoBasch2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

lol, Sony has multiple branches throughout the US providing jobs for many of our citizens. If you really want to be patriotic, you should be supporting both. Regardless, patriotism is what got us into this war in the first place. Patriotism started World War I and II as well. Patriotism is bad! Be an individual, not a mindless husk.

@ gamingdroid

You didn't contribute anything to the discussion. He/she brought up a valid point. You don't see Sony trying to stuff Idol Master and all these niche games down our throats. Microsoft has repeatedly demonstrated their stubborness in Japan: marketing Halo, Gears, and dozens of other shooters which they have no interest in.

When RPGs finally did arrive on the 360 like Lost Odyssey, Microsoft did a poor job advertising. Truth is, they were looking for an easy win by just buying timed exclusives on a couple RPGs that were rushed through the development pipeline. That doesn't sell systems. Microsoft is lucky to hit 5K a month in Japan, while the PS3 sells at least over 150K a month. That is a sizable gap. And while the gap between the 360 and PS3 is quite similar here in America, the roles have reversed.

Even so, Sony still managed to sell 200+K. That is a heck of a lot of systems. Especially considering the price drop has only been effective for a little over a week by the time these estimates were taken. Expect a huge spike in sales next month when the price cut takes full swing.

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callahan092596d ago

At this point you cannot put any blame on Sony for not beating the competition in US sales. They invest much more money in development, publish many more exclusives, offer free online play, and have dropped prices at a good schedule to make the PS3 very competitively priced, and consumers just won't stop buying th 360!

newn4gguy2596d ago

Agreed. It makes LITERALLY no sense. If I had $300...I'm not buying a 250 GB 360 with Kinect. I'm buying a 320 GB PS3 with inFamous 2!!!

That's just plain logic! You get more space AND an actual game! (A fantastic game, at that.)

EarthLover2596d ago

You guys dont get it, its about value not price, like Jokes said up there.

I got a 360 instead of PS3 recently because my friends all play on xbl, multiplatform games are better on 360, i prefer 360 games to most PS3 games, xbl is superior to PSN, 360 is more user freindly, makes more sense when I interface with it, more content on xbl, new ui every season, a more engaged team behind it, and it just feels like Microsoft gets me, they know what I want, I feel like the console is being made for me, not japanese gamers.

It really is about the small details that add up. I got a pal who would die for Sony and his PS3, but he never plays it, its because the user experience on PS3 is a pain, thats not the case with 360, 360 is like crack, you actually cant wait to get home and get back on your 360.

smashcrashbash2596d ago

I agree. At a time having the most games to play and the more solid system would mean your have the better system but it seems that works against Sony in the NA for some reason. When you look WW other countries seem to have no problem buying PS3s and it's games. But the NA almost seems to fight down the PS3 as hard as possible.

The 360 isn't even that better a system. The pros and cons that they both have are basically equal despite what fanboys say.In fact in many ways the 360 is even more outdated then a PS3 is. I suppose its not the first time the more powerful system has had problems getting a foot hold.

Oh well, don't care really. This gen almost over and the PS3 outlasted all the doom and gloom that was cast against it and still managed to keep up with lots of stellar games. That is more then many failed systems have done over the years. I will still be here playing TM, Starhawk, R3, UC3, LG and the VITA until the PS4 is revealed

P_Bomb2596d ago

You haven't used PSN so I can understand why you're excited about XBL, but your "user experience pain" and "interface makes more sense" comments I can counter right now with my own annoyances.

It does not make more sense imho to have a tag and password shackled to WindowsLive/Hotmail, to use points currency instead of real money (I have 3000 MSP and cannot tell you what that's worth), to not be able to identify myself in friend requests with a brief message, to not use the universal key layout (QWERTY etc) when typing messages (360 is linear ABCDEF with no autocomplete), to have to call a number to cancel subscriptions, to not be able to copy vids/music via USB Flash, to have DRE only letting you consolidate your licenses once every 121 days (only 1 XBox per gamertag at a time, so no realistic content sharing with friends or yourself).

So yeah, it is the small details, but they go both ways. There's still lots of room for improvement for next gen', but the hardware manufacturers need to know where.

jessupj2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

@ EarthLover

I'm completely disagree. The PS3 holds a lot more value. The games, the blu ray player, the free online.

And I'm getting sick of all these people touting XBL is superior to PSN. How exactly? Last time I checked the only feature missing is cross game chat PLUS the PSN has a lot more games running on dedicated servers. That fact along says to me the PSN is better.

If you feel M$ gets you I'm happy for you, but from where I'm standing I can see they will go to any length, use very shaddy and questionable tactics to get what they want.

Sony needs profit of course, but they're also for the gamers. M$ couldn't give a dam about their customers, all they want is market share and braggings rights.

JellyJelly2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

@ - "And I'm getting sick of all these people touting XBL is superior to PSN. How exactly?"

For one, XBL gets more content and games than PSN, and the Market place doesn't stutter and lag like the PSN Store.

XBL has better audio quality than PSN.

And a unified friends list.

And trial versions of all its games, including indie games.

"publish many more exclusives"

Not on PSN. Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live alone has more and better exclusives than PSN has had all year.

Cross game chat, party features etc.

P_Bomb2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


To your points:

1) Subjective. XBL Marketplace has given me about 5 errors (try again later messages) this week alone. Far as Indie games like the Avatar dating sim, the PSN equivalent has been out for a year now: PS Minis with games like Angry Birds. There are also more betas at any given time (AC:Revelations right now) and the store now updates the day before XBL (tuesday) instead of days later (thursday).

2) PS3 supports 7.1, DTS, DTS HD, Dolby True HD, LCPM etc. The 360/XBL does not. Look it up on any Digital Foundry H2H, or your systems' audio configuration. Dead Nation for example is DTS.

3) PSN has a friend list too. Even supports Steam's friends list in Portal 2. Add requests go to the bottom, on XBL they all clutter near the top. Many statuses simply say 'offline' without telling you when that person was last online. Everything on PSN is time stamped, even trophies.

3) Everything does not have a demo on XBL. No demos of Gears, Fable, ME1, L4D1, Alan Wake etc. Those are the kinda games I spend most of my time with. I can't preview background themes either. The games-on-demand category is wonderful however. Fantastic selection from Max Payne to Black Ops for $34.99.

4) Summer of Arcade=timed exclusives like From Dust. Then they go multiplat' like Lara Croft, Limbo, Castle Crashers and Braid before that. Flower, WipEout, Dead Nation, R&C, SoldnerX, Pixeljunk (all of them), Back to the Future, Pain, Siren, Fat Princess on the other hand haven't budged.

5) Yes, but on the other side of the coin there's PS Plus, Home, Cloud Storage, Steam support, game sharing, a browser, custom themes, remote play.

Honestly, the playing field has changed. A lot. I've only had my 360 for about 3 weeks so I'm not as financially invested in it as some, and the differences imo are trivial as it relates to this topic. I don't see it as a system seller in 2011 the way it was in 2007 when PSN was honestly pretty gimped. It's a better situation for everybody now. Good time to be online.

Legion2595d ago

Just one example of pricing issue I will throw out. Indie game "The Impossible Game" costing $1 on XBL is now going to PSN but they are selling it for $2.99, why are they charging PS3 users more for basically the same game?

I went online looking for any titles for $1 on PSN. Do they have any? Anyone?? Just curious.

The overlooked aspect of XBL is that your friends name on your friends list is the same across all games you play. Is that the same for PSN games and account names? I was at the impression that your friends could be named Bob on Killzone and maybe named Johnboy on say Mag? Is that true? How do you guys keep track of when your friends are online and you want to invite them to join your game that you are playing? Do you call them on the phone and ask?

P.S. 3000 MSP divided by 80 = $37.50 not too difficult to figure out that 80 MSP = $1. But I travel a lot around the world and am used to currency exchange rates and such.

P.P.S. 1 Xbox per gamertag?? Not sure what you are getting at? I have my gamertag on memory card and can take it anyplace with me, along with game saves. And my Xbox has quite a few gamertags on it.

PSN is a free service but it just doesn't stack up to XBL, when you are talking about friends and playing with them online. Nothing beats an Xbox Live party of friends going from one game to another and staying together with no issues. From one lobby to another with no issues. Even having one person drop out of your game for awhile to play a solo game or whatever but still be able to talk with your party. It's like having your friends in the room with you... except without them always farting and spilling drinks on your couch.

callahan092595d ago

"I was at the impression that your friends could be named Bob on Killzone and maybe named Johnboy on say Mag? Is that true?"

Um... no. I can only think of ONE game where this could apply, and that's Metal Gear Online in MGS4. I don't know if some minor releases prior to MGS4 and the big XMB 2.40 update which brought trophies and in-game XMB and unified PSN a lot, also did similar, but if so, I never played them and they weren't significant (the only pre-MGS4 online games I played were COD4, Resistance, Warhawk, and Unreal Tournament 3, and they all used your unified PSN friends list for online games). Every single online game to come out since MGS4 has used your unified PSN friends list.

baodeus2595d ago


So let say if they have 600, what do you think people gonna buy, an Iphone along with some casual games (angry bird, fruit ninja, etc..), or buy 320 GB PS3 with $300 dollar worth of ps3 exclusives games?

I'll bet you at this time, most would get the Iphone, why do you think that is?

1. You are speaking from a small group in a large population of gamers (casual and "hard core"). To them the iphone is much more worth it than ps3 and those games that you like only appeal to a relatively small group of gamers.

2. The x360 is an american product, so i mean it isn't wrong for american to support American product, similar to how Japan is supporting Japanese product.

3. There are more people with xbox than ps3 here in America (thanks to the 1 year head start), and xlive has been pretty good for coop and MP. Don't know much about Europe or other countries, but xlive has much more perks/value here in the US. People just got used to it.

4. Xbox also has games, good games as well no less, unlike many on here tend to think.

P_Bomb2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Yes there are $1 sales on select Indies(Minis) now and then. There are free games too. No catch, no PS Plus. Back to the Future Ep1: Outta Time and BluToad Murder Files Ep1 are both free for everyone as we speak. Just came out a few months ago, an easy 12 trophies/200g.

No, there's no Bob on KZ and Steve on MAG username issue. Your ID is unified just like on the 360, you're the same name on every game you play, even Steam (ie Portal 2). The only thing you can change game to game are clan tags, or in DCUO you pick a superhero name and that's what charachters see you as.

Friend list is sorted vertically on the PSN XMB like on the 360 after you click your 360 button. If you sort by status then active players are at the top going down to the least active and pending friend requests at the bottom. Sorting by name is alphabetical. They get avatars, lil' spaces for mottos, trophy scorecards 'n' all that same stuff and from there you click on them and do your invites/messages/comparing games. Players met keeps track of strangers you've played with online if you ever wanna add/block or message them post-game.

I can't use the same DLC on multiple 360's at the same time without being signed in is what I was getting at. To be offline you have to do a license transfer which has caps of twice a year . On PSN it's open. The memory card trick doesn't supercede this. Some save files like Oblivion are too big for memory cards too.

Anyways, it's just splitting hairs really as everybody's needs are different. I'm still learning my 360 too, so feel free to PM me with any tips so we don't hijack the thread, lol. Have a good one.

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SilentNegotiator2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Japan will probably add another 50-100 thousand units like the last two months and EU has always had a faster sell rate of Ps3 units, so just looking at NPD's NA numbers shows nothing.

gw4k2596d ago

In NA people are just getting used to having better options.

catguykyou2595d ago


Sony owns most of Europe and japan. It seems to have pierced as much of the market as it can at the price it is at. Sony can only drop the price more to hope to open it up to more customers.
In the US, the 360 has majority and while there is a ton of reasons to get a PS3, most regular consumers aren't out to buy 2 systems.

I don't see either company really increasing sales without finding a new consumer base. This can be done with a lower price point (I don't see this really helping either console until they hit the $199 or less price point) OR by finding a different demographic. MS has tried to do this with Kinect with arguably successful numbers.

With Wii-U coming out early next year, I don't see people picking up a new system this fall as most will want to wait and see how the Wii-U does.

Lots of factors at play that can explain the numbers. You could even argue that because Kevin Butler took a leave from advertising that it hurt Sony. ;)

FrigidDARKNESS2595d ago

with all those exclusive titles the system isn't selling as Sony wanted and the shareholders are getting angry because of this.

xfrgtr2595d ago

Worlwide the ps3 is outselling the 360

Ju2592d ago

@gamingdroid FYI, the "minor growth" for the PS3 in Europe over the 360 was based on a couple of days, considering a whole week of sell through, though, the PS3 is now doubling sales in EMEA territories. I would consider this significant. What's more, it matches US 360 numbers (basically), giving it almost 100% higher sales on a global level (consider Japan filling the gap since the 360 isn't selling there).

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BIGBOSS082596d ago

this is good for ps3. the sales really went up after the price cut and they only got half a month at $250. also havnt microsoft got this free 360 with a pc deal going on and they count as sold. i think the offer ended now though.

rob60212596d ago

the offer lasts through september, so semptember's NPD will be skewed in 360's favor as well.

ElementX2596d ago

Giveaways don't count as sales, and didn't Sony give away PS3s with their HDTVs a while back?

SoapShoes2596d ago

They do count as sells just like games given away with consoles(bundles) count as sells. Wii Sports didn't get so big because it sold by itself, it sold that many because it was given away with every Wii.

ShaunCameron2596d ago

A couple of months ago, Sony was giving away PS3's with a Rogers mobile phone subscription purchase.

SuperLupe2596d ago

The laptop deal wasnt there for the last 13/14 months that the 360 has been crushing the PS3 in the USA.

Whats the excuse for that ? Just curious.

SilleGamer2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Well deserved sales!

Christmas figures should be interesting.