Microsoft responds to August 2011 NPD

Microsoft has responded to the latest NPD data report.

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kingdoms2650d ago

Drop the price anyways and be done with it already! this war is getting old.

TheMyst2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

There's not really a war anymore though. I mean, MS will always outdo the PS3 in NA, while the PS3 will outdo the 360 WW, in the end the PS3 will sell more per year than the 360 and that's pretty much it. It's been that way for the last 3 or 4 years.

gamer78042650d ago

Worldwide the 360 is the current best selling console. Unless you are speaking to Japan.

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banner2650d ago

Edward.... They just don't get it.

I ask my self that all the time... If the ps3 was killing the 360 world wide then why are they still in last place some 6 yrs later?

I guess by world they mean just Japan and europe..

Biggest2650d ago

"This is really basic math...."

Yet you provide zero numbers for your math? Is it supposed to be algebra and we can plug in whatever numbers we want to? Here is some math that may help you understand why the PS3 is supposedly not leading the 360:

5 - 0 = 5 <--- Where the 360 and the PS3 started

That 5 is now less than 5. The only way for that to happen is if the PS3 is outselling the 360 on a yearly basis. These guys say that the PS3 has sold more each of the last two years, and they have been said to be less than fans of actual PS3 numbers:

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Darrius Cole2650d ago

So Michael Pachter was right for once this year. Even if he was right this time his accuracy percentage is still about 30%.


In the link Microsoft listed the following games in its up and coming exclusive lineup.

· September 20: “Gears of War 3”
· October 11: “Forza Motorsport 4”
· October 11: “Kinectimals Now with Bears!”
· October 25: “Dance Central 2”
· October 25: “Kinect Sports: Season Two”
· November 15: “Kinect: Disneyland Adventures”
· November 15: “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary”

Someone please tell me that they have more exclusives this holiday than that. One great game, one great re-make, one very good game, and Kinect crap. Can we at least get some mediocre but hardcore game.

By the way, is Sony's exclusive line-up this holiday any better than that? I know that I am buying Uncharted 3. What other exclusives are releasing on PS3 in between now and Christmas?

Dante1122650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Lol @ the marking of every posts that has proof from both companies reports that the PS3 HAS outsold the 360 for three years WW as trolling. I mean how else did the PS3 shrink the 360's lead from 10 million to 3.5 million? "Voodoo!" *facepalm*

@ Darrius

Well you have (might be missing some games)...

Resistance 3 (Out now)
* Edit* Ni No Kuni (Dec 2011-Japan but able to import/
The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (Sep 2011)
Twisted Metal (Oct 2011)
Uncharted 3 (Nov 2011)
Journey (Dec 2011)

Battlefield 3 and MW3 are looking to dominate though as well as other big multiplatform games I can't think of at the moment.

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Dante1122650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

@ quick

He might be into those. Sorry if my taste in games differs from your "real games" list lol. I still think Ni no Kuni is pretty heavy, it's being made by Level 5 and some people are already calling it " a.k.a Dragon Quest X" today (They think this is how Dragon Quest X should've been).

Edit: And tbh, he listed Kinectimals Now with Bears! I think anything I offered would be welcomed from him.

Edit2: I hate that. You think you're talking to a normal guy just to find out later he was trolling you the whole time (@ quick).

NiKK_4192650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I guess we have 360 fanboy mods in here today, because every post that proved that ps3 has been outselling 360 every year was marked as immature or trolling, and no one that was ACTUALLY being immature or trolling, simply because they were defending the 360, which was all false anyway. That is very childish, because it is true, that is how the 360's lead has shrunken, because remember? 360 sold first, got a head start, then ps3 came out and has been shrinking the gap ever since... How else could you explain that? Go look it up, don't be stupid.

Death2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Simple Math...

Xbox 360 had a 10 million sales lead when the PS3 launched. They now hold a lead of anywhere between 3-5 million depending on what you read. Without question Sony has gained 5 million additional sales in the last 5 years. Overall the PS3 has sold approx 10% more consoles worldwide than the 360. This year isn't over yet and may be different, but there is no denying the PS3 has gained ground. They couldn't have done this selling less consoles.


TheMyst2650d ago

Wait why were the two pro ps3 comments marked as immature, all they provided were facts? What's up with that mods?

PoweredParaglider2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Darkride66's post was marked as immature because he likes to call people out for being wrong, but can't get his own information right.

He remarks that the 360's lead is "now closer to 2 million" ... well... that's flat out wrong.

According to the latest MS and Sony reports, Sony has shipped 51.8m and MS has shipped 55.3m.
Please note, both companies report these numbers as "sold".

That means the gap is 3.5 million.
Not sure where Darkride66 got 2 million from?
Did he just make that up or was it some special fanboy magic trick?

The official figures show that the ps3 has closed the original 9 million gap worldwide by a marginal 1.1 million per year, or less, on average.
No debate there.

In recent times, the 360 has increased its sales momentum with steady pricing, while the ps3 has been forced to drop the price again.
No debate there, either.

I would definitely NOT call that 'handily outsold', though.

Still, this is good ole' darkride66, spinning as per usual.
What else did we expect?

awi59512649d ago

Sony only caught up because of the panic price drops they made again and again. The 360 is almost its original launch price still. Microsoft has been just raking in the money from the 360 no matter how low the ps3 price goes. The ps3 has dropped price again and im not sure if Microsoft will even match it because they dont have too.

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NYC_Gamer2650d ago

There was never any war just bunch of fans being loyal to billion dollar companies.which is silly because these companies arent our friends they view us as walking $$$.

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Pixel_Pusher2648d ago

I guess that free xbox with every PC worked out well for them.

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TheRacingX2650d ago

Does anyone really give a flying F**k about this anymore??? Really? all 3 will sell 70+ mil before we see a new batch of consoles......all had good features all had bad.....pick your fav and move on....

evilunklebud2650d ago

Kind of agree... I mean I was a little curious about world numbers, but at the end of the day I would say this generation is pretty much a tie.

TheMyst2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

A tie between the HD consoles cause Nintendo is waaayyy ahead. Kinda surprising since the 360 was actually cheaper than the Wii for quite a while (the 360 arcade released years ago).

iamnsuperman2650d ago

You speak a lot of truth. To be honest sales figures is meaningless for us at the stage because no console is suddenly going to die and are going to get supported. They will continue to sell millions and good for them.

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360 wins August. Some things never change.

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