Nintendo responds to August NPD: 3DS, Wii, DS sales revealed, 3DS up 260 percent

Nintendo has responded to the latest NPD and revealed hardware sales for all of platforms and more.

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fender862595d ago

If they really want that puppy you sale like hot cakes just do a goldn eye 64 remake like starfox 64 :)

TheMyst2595d ago

Hell yea man, with 4 player multi, like the good old days, haha. Haven't bought a 3DS yet, gonna wait to see if they announce a newer version anytime soon. If not, I'll go ahead and buy one anyways.

Titanz2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Hopefully, Nintendo learns from their lesson, and will not price future gaming hardware devices too high.

ZoidsRaven2595d ago

I don't know, sounds like Nintendo is doomed to me. 7_7

eagle212594d ago

Where dem haters at? LOL

ZoidsRaven2594d ago

Making the negative 3DS articles. 7_7