Gaming With Your Daughter Is Good For Her

GamerFitNation's DeShonda Thigpen writes about the importance of parents gaming with their daughters.
(Listen up parents: If you're not a video game player and your child is, now might be a good time to pick up a game controller and pick up a new pastime.)

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xtheownerzx2594d ago

Especially with games like Disneyland connect coming out this is a great time to embrace children and gaming.

WolfLeBlack2594d ago

Exactly. Instead of parents condeming gaming, take an interest in your childs hobby and learn why the enjoy it so much. Even if you find you don't enjoy it, at least try to talk to them about it.

My dad mostly just plays FPS games, but he still tries to chat to me about games because he knows they've been my hobby for over 15 years now (I've been gaming since age 4) and he's proud that I write about games and deal with publishers and developers every day. He's even proud that I became an Xbox Ambassador to try and help out newcomers to Live. Thanks, dad :D

Kyosuke_Sanada2594d ago

This brings back memories of when my father introduced me to Tekken when it first came out on Playstation. We were big Bruce Lee fans so of course we flocked to Marshall Law in the beginning but then my father showed the different styles of fighting he learned in classes and explained the origins of those he recognized in game.

It felt more like a history lesson than a fun time but was still worth it. We still fight on it whenever we have the chance to visit each other.

The games I wouldn't mind teaching and playing with my future daughter, Streets Of Rage II or Demon Souls.

Spenok2594d ago

Oh man, if you taught your future daughter demons souls at a young age she would OWN. lol. Kudos on a good game choice xD

tiffac0082594d ago


Speaking of owning, my brother and sister started playing games on the DS with Pokemon and Cooking Mama but when they started playing God of War and Devil May Cry they're better than me... :/

I don't know if the young kids today can just adapt that well or I'm just that bad. lol! XD

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tarbis2594d ago

Good article. It's good to know that there some advices for parent about their gaming children. I hope many parents are able to read this and take time reflecting instead of bashing video games.

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