NPD Aug 2011: Deus Ex Tops Charts But Game Industry Down 23%

August, with the exception of EA Sports' annual Madden franchise, is a typically slow month, but this year EA had to push back Madden due to the threat of the NFL lockout. As a result, August retail sales plummeted 23% to $669.9 million for the U.S. games industry as software dropped 34% to $264.8 million. Hardware didn't fare much better, falling 12% to $249.4 million. Accessories were down just 1% to $134.7 million.

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donniebaseball2600d ago

At least Deus Ex wasn't outsold by crap like Zumba Fitness!

Blaze9292600d ago

Black Ops still number 3, smdh

sack_boi2600d ago

Hahah Black Ops is still in the top 3.

SuperLupe2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Yeah I just dont get it..not that the game is bad but how does activision manage to sell so many copies of a game that came out almost a year ago and with its sequel right around the corner.

COD is a monster I tell you.

NYC_Gamer2600d ago

Call of duty is very popular with everyday gamers

IM_A_NINJA2600d ago

Ya, despite what N4G regulars think about COD, it's still the most viable franchise around today. I'd expect the same thing from MW3. Probably have Black Ops and MW3 in the top 10 for a while to come.

Dlacy13g2600d ago

I am very happy for Eidos Montreal...Deus Ex deserved the number one spot. Great job on their first game for this new studio.

2600d ago