Watch Sony's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference Live

Andriasang: Pre show event to be broadcast live. Details coming tomorrow.

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Beetey2649d ago

Looking forward to it.

blumatt2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Looking forward to surprise announcement/confirmation of FF Versus 13 (and it being still exclusive). *fingers crossed* I can't wait to see all the games that Sony brings us. They're great at giving us tons of GAMES. After all, that's why we buy these consoles. If they only gave us multiplats all the time, it would suck.

I'm glad they invest their money into new technology and more and more first party studios. The more talent they acquire, the less other game consoles have left, and it gives people more of a reason to buy a PlayStation brand console.

morkendo2649d ago

are you serious??? for last 6 years all we been getting is multiplats and fps games. im crossing my fingers in hopeing more ps2 variety games to choose from to come.

im BURNT out on fps and multiplats games.

ksense2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )


how can someone get burnt on the multiplat status of a game. lbp2, infamous, heavy rain god of war heavenly sword, uncharted demon souls etc.... are not fps games btw . ur whole comment is just retarded.

KMCROC2649d ago

Am not suicidal just yet .

Bigpappy2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Is M$ going to the show?

Sorry, I ment are they allowed to come to the show after 360's are pulled from the stores?

@smashcrashbash: Well If I had see an invitation to watch M$ the Tokyo Game Show, it would have been stupid of me to ask, right? Or do you not understand that concept?

@FearNoAngel: I agree with your sentiment.

FearNoAngel2649d ago

Don't think anyone care...

smashcrashbash2649d ago

Why don't you go to the 360 part of the site and look there instead of asking it on a Sony article?