Why Nintendo Will Never Be Great Again

Rick Aristotle Munarriz of DailyFinance writes: Nintendo is in a quandary. Will it simply settle for thinner and thinner slices of the gaming pie, or will it go the Sega route and begin licensing its proprietary games and characters on rival platforms? The former is a recipe for a slow-death casserole. The latter simply speeds up the process, but with a little more licensing revenue on the way out.

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Pikajew2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Its called growing up and liking different games. But the core gamers still like them, because they see pass the graphics.

You cant call yourself core and hate Nintendo.

AngelGirl162649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Wow so you're not a hardcore gamer because you don't like nintendo. Take off your nostalgia glasses and wake up. Nintendo games haven't been innovative since N64. I haven't played a nintendo game that made me go wow in a long time but i can list a bunch of games this gen and last gen that made me do that. Im surprise that so many people on this site says COD games are the same every year but so is nintendos. Mario Kart on the wii plays just like the n64 version and super mario galaxy is basically Mario64 in space. Nintendo games lack serious stories and they are basically recycled. When the Wii U comes out. They gone to be charging $60 for their games. So nintendo needs to seriously start changing their titles because what their doing right now is making them lose fans and just making people lose faith in them.

Mario4life2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

id rather have the tight game-play of Nintendo games than a story for games that truly don't need one, its about having fun and be challenged, which Nintendo provides by the bucket load, the wii had some of the harder games this gen, so Nintendo is alot more hardcore then you give them credit for.

TheMyst2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

The wii, though heavily casual, also has quite a few great games. It's worth the investment for any serious gamer and I'd recommend it. You can't say you're a gamer and be taken seriously if you haven't played certain GOTY quality titles like SMG on the Wii and UC2, MGS4, and LBP on PS3. It's part of gaming culture. That why, imo, people should at the very least own a PS3 and Wii.

On the 360 side, there's really been no definitive GOTY winner.. I mean, more than one award. I guess Gears. So a 360 is good for Halo.

maniacmayhem2648d ago


There's that word again "innovate".

Tell me angelgirl, what games in your opinion are "innovative".
I'm really curious because that seems to be the buzz word as of late on this site. I really hope no says "de grafx" because that would be pure humor.

k-dillinger2648d ago

amen... i dont know y u got disagrees you spoke the truth seems like its taboo around here to say anything bad about ninty hmmmmm wake up ppl.

ChickeyCantor2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

" Nintendo games haven't been innovative since N64."

When people use this statement, you know they have no clue on what "innovation" is.

"to say anything bad about ninty hmmmmm wake up ppl."

O no, if people don't like Nintendo that's is fine. But when you start typing and it starts to smell like sh/t. You know you have to stop there.

AdvanceWarsSgt2648d ago

You've never played an N64 before, or any Nintendo console for that matter, so your post is not only illogical but irrelevant.

Sorry, try again next time.

Achtung2648d ago


"Im surprise that so many people on this site says COD games are the same every year"

That alone invalidates your whole statement.

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OcularVision2648d ago

I grew up playing the Playstations. That's what makes me a core gamer. I'm sure a bunch of 10 year olds are growing up playing Xboxs now.

Lf_sIcKmAn2648d ago

Being a core gamer is not about what systems you grew up playing or currently own... it's having passion for gaming regardless of the platform.

Remember people, being a fanboy does not equal being hardcore.

I grew up to Nintendo, and now i have a ps3 and a wii coexisting...

It's a great time to be a gamer! So many good games on all platforms...
Too bad the wallet does not grow accordingly xD.

_Aarix_2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Wow, douche much? I hated the xbox last gen but love the 360 more than the ps3

BlmThug2648d ago

I dont like Nintendo and im a damn core gamer. I will never touch the filth that is the Wiimote, Kinect and PSMove simply because Controller and K/M is better

2649d ago
Kingx22649d ago

"Why Nintendo Will Never Be Great Again"

lol why dont you people get a life and do something else other than waste time playing games.

b-real2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Says he trolling through a gaming website.....

Hufandpuf2648d ago

Nintendo has been in decline for a while, nows the time to not show off systems, but games. Nobody will rush to the store after what happened with the WIi, and I definitely won't line up to get a system when the only titles I know will be on the system are Zelda and Mario games.

Flavor2648d ago

I'd say its not just Nintendo but any Japanese company.. that place has gotten the short end in so many ways, between demographics, corporate culture, nuclear disasters, and the psychological armageddon of being eclipsed by China... Japan has reached the limit of their abilities.

b-real2648d ago

You realize Sony is a Japanese company right??

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