Five Things Call of Duty Needs to Stay Relevant

If Call of Duty hopes to remain the relevant in the long run, let alone stay the juggernaut force it is today, then it must follow these five steps.

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trenso12623d ago

Agreed if cod just took a break or changed the setting it wouldn't get so much hate if they are really making a third person version of cod that's something the just might work

kcuthbertson2623d ago

As much as I do believe that new COD games don't add a whole lot to the formula, sadly it is other games who must compete to be relevant to COD in order to even have a fighting chance at gaining multiplayer numbers.

Too many games are changing their multiplayer to be more like COD and I think that's a bad thing...

Corax2623d ago

I feel if they where going to do any of these things they would already have. But i think there next game may see some new things as the public has spoken. They reused that engine 4 TIMES!!! Which is amazing seeing that the gaming community didn't complain...why fix it. There next game HAS to be updated or I feel people will find other alternative games and i dont think COD players will pick up BF3. They might just stick with MW3 until something similar to that style of play is developed. The only REAL COD game I LOVED was COD 2 but that WWII theme might be getting old for some gamers even though I'm not sure but this game is coming out only on pc but would love to play it on PS3

capjacksparrow2623d ago

Make sure America continues to be ignorant. That's all Call of Duty needs to stay relevant. American's will keep on buying this game (I am American fyi)!!! All they need to do is add 3 new perks and a killstreak and people jump for joy. It's sad. Welcome to America.

gamer12322623d ago

Yeah maybe take a year off. No one will be too sad about it. Also, maybe a forge like thing would give the franchise a breath of fresh air.

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