Six Blizzard Releases in the Next Three Years Expected by Activision

Blizzard is one of those rare companies that, like Valve, has the luxury of taking as much time as it needs to make its games really good. That doesn't mean it can't have a heavy period for releases, and it's looking like that's exactly what we'll see over the next three years.

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Ulf2600d ago

...or Activision-itis has finally infected Blizzard, and now we're getting a new installment of Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft universe stuff about every year.

ATi_Elite2600d ago

Not really!!

Blizzard has learned that it has to crank out material for WOW quicker cause they have 11 million PAYING players who play WOW like 24/7 therefore run through the content fairly quickly.

SC2 content is gonna be every two years for the next two expansions and this is after a 12 year wait from SC1.

Diablo3 is finally coming after a 12 year wait!! any expansion will be 2 years down the road!

So i don't see it as Activisionitis but more like "ABOUT dam time Blizzard"! Blizzard and Valve have their own concept of time that we simple loyal Gamers must except.

gamingdroid2600d ago

Yeah, I don't see it either. All these projects have been in development for a long time, so once they finally release the expansion is sure to come out sooner than a major release.

I echo this:

"ABOUT dam time Blizzard"!

Waiting 2-years for an expansion? :(

I want it NAOW!

Voxelman2600d ago

So 2012 Diablo II (possibly 11 but I have my doubts), Heart of the Swarm, Mists of Pandaria. 2013/14 Legacy of the Void, WoW next, project Titan/Diablo III expansion?

Torkith2600d ago

Sounds about right.

Diablo 3
Mists of Pandaria
Heart of the Swarm

I'm not sure anything would release this year unless holiday time.

Legacy of Void
Diablo 3 expac
WoW expac 4

Titan somewhere later.

Vladplaya2600d ago

World of Warcraft 2, here it comes...

admiralthrawn872600d ago

lol. that would be kind of scary in the industry i believe. like a coming storm. or some sort of video game industry apocalypse

Guitardr852600d ago

I believe Titan is their new MMO. When it drops?'s why the Mayan's ended their calendar!!!

ATi_Elite2599d ago

So world of warcraft is why the Mayans ended their calender.

Ramas2600d ago

2011 December Diablo 3
2012 Feb - Heart of the swarm
2012 Sep/oct WOW emerald dream Last expansion
2013 Nov Diablo exp
2014 July Legacy of the void
2015 March new MMO