10 things Deus Ex can learn from itself

Console Domination writes: It's been just over a week. Deus Ex is back and kicking goals left right and centre. For those that missed it the pre-order DLC is actually on the disk and just needs to be unlocked (or not). But there is some new DLC on the way in the form of "The Missing Link" (of human evolution). While this fills in *minor spoiler* some missing 3 days that occur in the game at some point, what I doubt it will address is any significant change in game play or mechanics.

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ryhanon2692d ago

Ok... lemme start by saying I absolutely love the original game and I like the latest one *almost* as much. It's a fine addition to the universe. Eidos knocked it out of the park.

1) I agree. That's actually one of the first things I tried to do and was surprised at its exclusion from this version of the game. It would have been nice to have. That said though, I can't say it detracted *that* much from the game, and after the first hour, I didn't miss it one bit. Also, I think you're underestimating exactly how difficult it would be to "patch" this into the game. You're talking about *significant* changes here. Not only to add dynamic lights to various rooms etc, that's probably the "easy" (still very difficult) part, but it gets to be incredibly significant once you start talking about changing AI behavior based upon lighting. Using shadows as cover, etc... these are things that aren't easily "patched" into the game.

2) I *greatly* preferred the hacking mechanic in this game over the original. However I agree that it's a bit too easy after you've put a couple of upgrades into hacking augs. By the end of the game I had over 70 each of stop worms and nuke viruses stockpiled that I never had any reason to use. Some hacking difficulty spikes would have been appreciated. Also I agree with you on lock picks, to an extent anyway. I always thought it was a bit silly in the original game how many lock picks you'd find lying about the world as if that's normal. Why do people bother to lock anything up if they're just going to keep lock picks sitting on a shelf 2 meters away?

3) ... really? Eh. I dunno. I have no real preference about this. It would have been cool to tell that story, yeah, but I can't say I'm horribly disappointed that they didn't.

4) Actually you can melee from the front. No really, try it some time. Also, why do you need to carry around melee weapons, taking up more space in your inventory, when you have them *built into your arms*?

5) Absolutely agree with you here. There were a handful of points where I was highly annoyed at the lack of a flashlight or night vision of some sort. I'm this super advanced military augmented guy who can *see through walls* - but turn off the lights and I stumble around blindly bumping into things.

6) Would you like some cheese with your whine?

7) I don't recall being able to modify JC Denton to that degree in the first game (or at all, actually). Regardless, this is such a minor thing, having an impact on exactly nothing at all, that I just can't bring myself to care.

8) God forbid the game have a visual identity of its own.

9) The theme song *is* in the game. In its entirety. Shut up, be patient, and listen for it.

10) The "electric ninja sword" in the first game was lame. It would have been lame here too. Glad to see it wasn't included. Again though, why bother carrying around melee weapons, taking up space in your inventory (*SO* glad they kept the original style inventory system by the way), when you have them built into your arms?

Anyway, you're being too nitpicky. Enjoy the game.