Rage’s Co-op Mode Will Keep You Raging All Night Long

Piki: Feast your eyes on some Rage co-op. Bethesda has released its first footage of Rage’s co-op mode, called “Legends of the Wasteland”, wherein two players progress through a ruined town disarming bombs and shooting up the “Shrouded”, a clan of enemies in the game.

Instead of dropping you and a partner into the single player game as per Halo or Gears of War, Rage’s co-op mode has two players taking on special side missions designed exclusively for cooperative play

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CaliGamer2599d ago

This is cool. Tho I do agree that a game doesn't always need multi, there is just something so fun about having a buddy over to share the experience with.

On a technical side, the graphics did seem to take a hit in split screen which is to be expected but the game still moved at a smooth rate.

I'm really looking forward to this game. Something about post end of the world exploration really appeals to me.

I guess consoles can still pump out compelling games despite the people who would like you to believe that PC is the only way to go.

A win for all.