Max Payne 3, new screenshots

Rockstar released two new screenshots of Max Payne 3.

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ATi_Elite2598d ago

Ok now show me some 1080p video of actual game play please!

Good to see Max Payne back!!

mrmikew20182598d ago

I was wondering why this news wasn't announced at all yesterday. The game is coming out next March!! Instead of getting gaming news, we get coverage on how many units these systems sold?

Nice.....real nice N4G.

KingPin2598d ago

i hope they give us the Max Payne 1 & 2 skins too coz im not really digging the whole bruce willis/die hard look. i know its probably just me that thinks this but still, its just my 2cents.

MasterCornholio2598d ago

Looks very nice hopefully the game will be as good as the visuals.