VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 230: Zombie Nazi Monkeys

This week, Jonah Falcon rants about the bosses in Deus Ex: Human Revolution while Jordan Lund expresses a desire for cold, rainy weather. This week’s Gaming Flashback is The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, with the following news items:

* Lord British wants to make another Ultima, EA not so much
* Crytek rebukes “unlawful layoff” claims
* Gabe Newell wants Steam on Xbox Live Marketplace
* DICE addresses console “limitations” in Battlefield 3
* Black Ops map packs hit 18 million sold
* Sony targets teens with new PSP
* Angry Birds PS Mini problems

The guys also read more reader mail, and pose this week’s Question of the Week: What was the worst game mechanic you ever dealt with in a game you liked?

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