Rhythm Lovers Rejoice!: DJ Max Technika is Coming to Vita

Game Podunk Editor Marcus Estrada writes, "DJ Max is a Korean series which many Western players first got a taste of on the PSP. With the popularity of their series Pentavision then went ahead with a much fancier and expensive version named DJ Max Technika. Available only in arcades from late 2008 to the present, it was hard for many fans to even find a cabinet. The machine is larger than the average arcade machine and much more expensive. Today it was announced the game is getting a port to PS Vita."

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a_bro2650d ago

LMAO, i got what i asked for HAHAHAHA

smashcrashbash2650d ago

We are getting DJ Max for VITA? Awesome. Looks like we are getting everything from fighters to JRPGS to driving to platormers to FPSs to rythmn games. VITA is going to be one sweet handheld.

TruthbeTold2649d ago

The hell is this doing in the DS section? Stories languish in limbo full of reports, and this stuff happens every day. It's getting annoying.

xX-Jak-Xx2649d ago

What the hell
come on we want cool games like killzone,Resident Evil,Monster Hunter,Ratchet games,Metal gear,Final fantasy,Kingdom Hearts,Motorstorm,Sly,Front Mission

so stop your crap !!

Studio-YaMi2649d ago

guess you haven't been informed too well...

go check the PS Vita library of games again,you'll see lot's of what "you" want on it !

MasterCornholio2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I hate you because you make my wallet cry. How dare you do this to me.


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