3D Screenshots of Cave Story 3D

Wanted to see what Cave Story 3D looks like in 3D? Type in the URL to view the 3D screenshots directly in your 3DS browser or alternatively you can download the MPO files to any 3D capable device.

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Sorano3302d ago

No translation hence to the fact that the screenviewer will not work otherwise.

@Topic: One of my most wanted 3DS games!

Streen3302d ago

Cave Story?
That game I can already play for free on the PC or as well on the other Nintendo Consoles?
Nice to see that the 3DS gets some games at last, but how about something, thats not a remake or a port?

Miroque3302d ago

"Pixel" + 3D-Handheld = AWESOME!

Daverball3302d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one, they did a beautiful job putting this game into the third dimension. The only downside is that you can get the game for free on your pc but then again, the 3ds version has the most bonus features and a complete visual makeover.

Akamuntor3302d ago

Hm, I like the original more. I don't need this "uglier" Version for 40€.

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