Indie Game Store Owner Goes Off on Call of Duty Elite

Chett Muzzalupo, The owner of an independent game store, recently posted a great rant that covers Call of Duty Elite, EA Sports Season Pass, digital distribution, and more. He makes some great points that I completely agree with. He also makes some points that are a bit exaggerated.

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Dart892688d ago

He hit everything right on the nail.

Especially with all that cod elite crap.If you buy mw3 and you sign up for that service you are in need of a serious brain check hell maybe even a removal of your brain and put in a new one that makes you think.Basically all that crap they are gonna sell you should be on the disk but seeing as some gamers can't think for thierselfs they like to bend over and pay for something that should be free.

Is it just me or has this generation had some of the dumbest gamers ever?


yep, this generation has changed a lot in terms of what we get as gamers and also what we are allowing them to get away with.


totally, totally 100% agree with him.

GTRrocker2687d ago

CoD sucks anyway. I played the demo for Black Ops and holy shit, Killzone and Resistance murder this game when it comes to gameplay and controls.

gamingdroid2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

If he feels so strongly about this, why don't he make a stand. You know, stop selling these games in his little indie game store!

His entire argument centers around four things:

1. Games with DLC cost too much!
2. GameStop sells opened games as new. I'm against this, but technically when you buy an electronic item in store, they sell it as new although the box is open.
3. GameStop isn't doing anything for the industry. Clearly they are, because people are buying their used games.
4. Complaint about digital game purchases. I understand, I love physical media, but let's face it, it is moving in that direction.

I think it has more to do with his self interest. More DLC, digital full game purchases and GameStop are all his competition!

radphil2686d ago

"If he feels so strongly about this, why don't he make a stand. You know, stop selling these games in his little indie game store! "

Because that's less revenue for him also, but that won't stop him from encouraging people NOT to get elite.

gamingdroid2686d ago

Nope and futile it is....

Gamer Muzz2681d ago

Cant have much of a store if you don't carry games. In the end, The games themselves aren't the problem anyway, it's the extra fees that I'm against. Season Ticket, MW3 Elite, Online Pass, ETC. I did boycott the PSP Go and I will continue to voice my opinion against digitally distributed games and abusive pricing.

Relientk772685d ago

He is right about DLC, online services... and everything