Swedish retailer pulls Battlefield 3 Collector's Edition from site, puts rumours to rest

SystemLink: "Battlefield 3 has a lot different editions; you've got the regular normal disc, a Limited Edition with Back to Karkland, and a Limited Edition with includes the above, as well as the Physical Warfare Pack for certain retails. However, one special little box conspicuously absent is a Collector's Edition - which Skyrim is making us fawn over."

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PhilipLarkin2687d ago

Aww - would have loved a steelcase or something.

WhiteLightning2687d ago

Wow...I don't get some developers

They know people would pay for a good looking CE and they don't seem to release them on the big games their releasing.

Mass Effect 3 is another one for example, Bioware were going to do an "uber" CE even asking fans what they wanted inside and they never came through. Do you know how much die hard fans of a franchise would pay for a CE. Heck even games that sell poorly like Two Worlds 2 got a CE.

electricshadow2686d ago

Exactly. If there was a collector's edition for this game, I would bought it in a second. Granted, if it came with some cool stuff - especially a steel case.

Winkle922686d ago

I think so many developers get flak for releasing collector's edition for $10 or $20 more with only a steel case, art book, and making of dvd and people feel ripped off when they buy it. I'm guessing the devs wanted to avoid looking too money-grubbing.

Wardog13682686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I don't think this has much to do with image. I think it just shows that not as many people buy collectors editions as one might think. At least not in the demographic bf3 is going after. Which regardless of what you say I have facts from a gamestop district manager who said it's mostly the adults getting bf3 and their kids want mw3. Keep in mind I'm not just saying this. It's coming from someone who has access to this type of data.