Caspian Border - 1.4km Wide

EnterBF3: "Caspian Border first made it's appearance in mid August and information is still coming out about this Battlefield 3 map. The tower seen in the trailer is destructible and we have another piece of information about the map today. It's a rather large map, 1.4km is it's width. For reference, the Operation Metro map from the alpha trial was ~800m at it's widest point. There's plenty of space for jets to fly in this Battlefield 3 map!"

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Wizziokid2600d ago

holy shit that's big :| wonder how big it will be on console

JoGam2600d ago

Just wondering the same thing. The map is so big I think on the 360 version you have to install the second disc for the other side on the map. LOL JK JK!

skeletonss2600d ago

If your playing it on ps3 why do you care?

Joe29112600d ago

Same size, what did you think?

Wizziokid2600d ago

well since they said console maps will be scaled down due to less players, no I don't think so tbh.

Joe29112600d ago

I guess, I think DICE would be making a mistake if they didn't try and make the PC version and console versions the same. I know you PC nuts out there hate to here this but the mass market is console. And giving the mass market a inferior game is not the way to beat the market leader, CoD.

eclectified2600d ago

Almost 1 US mile. Sounds good to me. :)

bozebo2600d ago


Consoles won't have enough RAM to host a game on a map that big (though there are dedis for consoles too) - but if the level streaming is done right it should be playable but with a relatively close fog of war/draw distance.

Finally, getting back to the old map sizes! No more miniature scale BC2 rubbish.

DanSolo2600d ago

It won't be that big on console but that is a good thing.... with the player count being less that PC it is better to have the smaller maps rather than having them feeling empty!

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