4 Reasons Why Gaming Shouldn’t Be More Accepted

You see people sounding off about how it’s a good thing that gaming is more accepted. Since gaming is becoming more accepted, more people are playing games, the industry is expanding and politicians are finding it harder to blame video games for the problems they can’t solve. Surely it’s a good thing, right?

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Awesome-Xanto2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I have to agree, gaming now is all about the money... oh how I miss they day when gaming was nerdy and you actually got good games with all the content on the disk or cartridge and you didn't have these all knowing so called "experts" saying that gaming is going mobile, or going cloud based, or some new crap they will think up next week.

Don't get me wrong, I love the advancements gaming has made over the years... but that has came with a lot of crap.

TheMyst2597d ago

Yea, I remember back when the gen started, MS had a bunch of exclusives constantly coming, I loved my 360, but then, it just stopped and now all they care about is Kinect and casuals. Same thing with Nintendo except at least with the Wii we knew what was coming.

As long as SONY keeps on giving us quality games, I'll be happy, but casuals are ruining gaming imo.

Mario4life2597d ago

The wii had some excellent games this gen, it was more family friendly than ps360, but that's how nintendo has always been, some of the wii's games have been some of the harder games ive played this gen

badz1492597d ago

do we have to involve religion in this? c'mon, change the pic. it's offensive!

Awesome-Xanto2597d ago

Why are you replying to me about this? I didn't post the article...

badz1492597d ago

but better put comment up here then down there, right?

_Aarix_2596d ago

I missed when people werent so vocal about their opinion :/

WolfLeBlack2597d ago

What the hell have you got against girl gamers? Dammit, I still hope to find a nice girl gamer and settle down :D

KendrickGLS2596d ago

Same here! I know a few Gamer Girls, but I barely get to see any of them and don't know neither of them well enough to start dating, but I'm working on it! Righteous!

Sileo2596d ago

It's not about girl gamers, it's about "Grrl gamers", the ones that don't really play them, they just use them as a social statement, like what he wrote in the article.

It's not against the genuine girls that like games, but the ones that make out that they do.

Ulf2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I love gaming, but doing any one thing too much is proven to shrink your frontal lobe (where your reasoning abilities reside).

Sadly, gamers often sit in front of their games for hours on end, thus making the whole "gaming makes you dumb" and "gaming creates violent individuals" studies seem true, even though the same studies apply equally to watching too much TV, or working in a factory.

Giru0172597d ago

Great article, I pretty much agree on every point. I did find it funny how the author really didn't even try to hide his /v/ roots xD

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The story is too old to be commented.