The Catch-Up - Playstation 3

Default Prime Author Kyree Leary finally got a Playstation 3 to call his own. 5 years late to the party, how has he fared with it so far? And what games does he even have?

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Ilikegames762594d ago

Welcome to the Playstation 3 family. I would suggest getting Folklore and Heavenly Sword if it's still available. Since the author like to Photoshop, he should probably get Beat Sketch and LBP 1 and 2.

supremacy2594d ago

Welcome to the club.

As for your current concerns with the service and such I am sure those will be address with better architecture in this case the ps4 will be build with all this mind.

Also check out the vita if you are a handheld gamer that little beast should also accomudate some of your concerns as well.