PS3 Offers a Great, Diverse, Worldwide Online Community

Insomniac's James Stevenson shares his thoughts on PS3's online community and services.

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KingSlayer2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Q: With the success of Call of Duty and its diehard dedicated online community, which is mostly found on the Xbox 360, do you feel that Resistance has been held back by the PlayStation 3 and its online community?

A: COD does great on PS3 as well. Resistance has had a fantastic online community. In the early days of PS3, I’d argue Resistance: Fall of Man WAS the PS3 community, being the launch title bundled with the new hardware. The PS3 has a really great, diverse, worldwide community that can support a lot of different titles. It certainly has its own advantages and strengths, and I think we have a great reputation inside the PS3 community.
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I think the PS community is great. I've had a few run-ins with douchebags, but not to the degree of XBL (in my experience). Even playing games like KZ3 or COD, sure there's shit-talk, but in a competitive sporting way. I've made more on friends on PSN, but have more "F**k you!" messages on XBL.

EDIT:@units If you had a PS3, you'd know plenty of people do.

units2595d ago

it would be different story if more people on PSN used mics

Corax2595d ago

People do use mics they just dont always turn them on. Your really do avoid the trash talking for no reason guy by just not turning on your mic.

JoGam2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I like it when random people don't use mics. I mean if you are with friends then sure use your mic, but I don't mind when people don't use them. One time I cursed at everyone for not having mics. A few seconds later like 6 guys turn their mic's on and told me to STFU. LOL

DarkTower8052595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Every single one of my friends on PSN has mics, but we only use it when we play with eachother. We're all above 28 yrs old, and there is too many kids online with mics that I don't wish to hear or talk to. I think many feel the same.

EDIT: as an example, I was playing Black Ops on the weekend and there was a kids no older than 8 with a mic. WTF!

The Iron Sheik2595d ago

Plenty of people on PSN have mics Units. They just don't want to talk to you.

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JellyJelly2595d ago

That's because all Playstation owners are tall blonde social genuises with Harvard degrees in science - role models for all people who strive to be succesful in life.

just_looken2595d ago

don't forget ps3 accepts all usb plug n play mics mine cost $5 and so far is better than the 3 Logitech mics i went through (dam earpieces)

kneon2595d ago

But I'm not blonde :)

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lugia 40002595d ago

Good for you, Steam is better.

death2smoochie2595d ago

It's not like he is going to bad mouth PSN in any way shape or form considering they are closely tied to the Sony brand.
What else is he going to say?

"PSN is terrible..."


geddesmond2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Xbots are funny. They live in a world where they think the PS3 has no online community, Nobody uses mics on PSN and Xbox live is so much better because you have to pay for it and you also get Cross game chat.

Fair enough. If thats what they need to tell themselfs to make their choices less painful then good for them. I'm not the sort of person to crush peoples dreams.

Also I see a lot of Xbots talk about their being too many PS3 fanboys lol. Ya know that is very true. That just shows more people like the PS3 over the Xbox 360 and that proves the PS3 is better

Oh and if people actually gave reasons to why PSN is so bad instead of just saying it then maybe your words would be taken serious, but none of yous do that because all yous can say is Cross Game Chat, Party system and Voice messages. All 3 are very minor features