Interview with Tommy Tallarico (Empty Lifebar)

Empty Lifebar has an exclusive interview with the man behind Video Games Live. A man who has worked on more soundtracks than any other in the game industry. The man who has brought to life the music from nearly every console made so far in the form of Video Games Live. The only place to see it is right here.

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RyuHoshi2691d ago

I've heard of Video Games Live, nice to hear that the creator is pretty down to Earth.

STK0262691d ago

Wis he could come back for some episodes of Reviews on the run, as Scott simply can't take a stand against Victor, soemthing Tommy was able to do back in the days...

NukaCola2691d ago

yeah Judgment Day was outstanding and hearing how Tommy got into the biz is pretty cool. It's a classic rockstar story tied into a video game world. Oh snap now I am missing the glory days of G4 when COPS wasnt on the channel cause it was all videogames all the time, and back when consoles and PC news wasn't so biased full of drama.

L6RD7BLU32690d ago

yeah, G4 is like a reality station now COPS, CAMPUS PD, and CHEATERS this is full of fail G4 used to be the greatest not so much now.

P_Bomb2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yeah, ROTR hasn't been the same since he left. Scott Jones is just your typical pretentious, jaded fanboy reviewer that thinks everything sucks. Victor needs to stop hiring his friends. Most of the cast is atrocious. Tommy T was the man. He and Vic' were awesome the first 10 years, then he left for Videogames Live. Good concert. Saw it twice and met Tommy in '09.