Three-part Skyrim gameplay video coming within a week, possibly tomorrow

SystemLink: "Various Bethesda heads have popped around the door of the internet to supply welcome information regarding an upcoming Skyrim video. In fact, scrap that - a three-part upcoming Skyrim gameplay video. While the release date isn't set in cold stone, expect the crisp world of Bethesda's latest behemoth burning your retinas in HD very soon."

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PhilipLarkin2595d ago

Cannot wait. It'll be a slightly different playthrough, and any excuse to hear Todd is enough for me =D

dark-hollow2595d ago

I hope we see different areas instead of the ones showed in quakecon, e3, etc.

Blacktric2595d ago

Pete Hines said they'll release the same 40 minute demo shown at Quakecon in HD (so that everyone would turn off their cams). I wouldn't expect anything different from that.

raWfodog2595d ago

As much as I would want to view this gameplay, I'll probably do my best to avoid it. I remember my first time playing Oblivion after it has already been out for about a month. I avoided all gameplay videos but I listened to all the hype. When I finally played it, I was blown away by how beautiful the gameworld looked. I want to experience that again with Skyrim.

WolfLeBlack2595d ago

I can haz Skyrim nowz?

Seriously, I just can't wait much more for this game, otherwise my brain may pop, thereby causing a serious problem; I can't play Skyrim if I'm dead.

zero_cool2593d ago

Welcome to the world of casual scrolls where the object of the game is to mindlessly hack n slash n cast your way through the land of skyrim no strategy involved!

zero_cool2593d ago

Oh god forbid they make use of playstation move in this supposive action rpg which can be played in first person oh gee wait what's this tech demo video showing below!...