Rock Band won't be restocked until next year

EB Games pretty much says "pre-order, or get it in 2008". I know it's about $170.00 a unit, but it's not like they're launching a new console.

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PS360PCROCKS4924d ago

Kiss my ass!! Screw you EB/GAMESTOP/ whatever your company is now...I dont buy your sh!t because your a bunch of hypocritical losers who rip on whatever system they choose for the day, you don't and won't get my money and if activision or red octane or whatever company is now making rock band can't provide enough of their product for the consumer, screw them to, it's a game and I won't wait around for it.

americanGTA4924d ago

screw EB/Gamestop

theres always best buy, and wal-mart

jackdoe4924d ago

They are lying through their teeth.

nrdygrl874924d ago

I usually shop at BestBuy anyway. I dont like those ignorant gamestop employees. They always tell me lies because they think i dont know anything about video games.

KidMakeshift4924d ago

I have this pre-ordered at Gamestop ($25 deposit required, crazy), but I won't be able to pick it up till Dec. 5th. Does anyone know how long Gamestop will hold on to a pre-order before giving it to the next guy? I know I should probably call them, but I was just wondering if anyone has been in this same situation.

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