5 Amazing Battlefield 3 Wallpapers (Fan Made Edition)

The closest thing to playing the Battlefield 3 beta is a well made desktop wallpaper to remind you of the beta.

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Nitrowolf22688d ago

Number 4 looks freak'n awesome. I hope we get a dino mode

Criminal2688d ago

It could happen. I think someone at DICE said if we keep on asking for it, they'll make it happen.

Mister_V2688d ago

A zombie-like dino mode would be pretty sick haha.

OcelotRigz2688d ago

Indeed, 4 really caught my eye, very nice.

As for Dino Mode, what would it entail? I haven't been paying attention to the whole dino thing.

xtremexx2688d ago

I Want BF3 Dino, To Be Real Lol

arjman2688d ago

MW3 has survival mode, Gears has horde mode and I can see BF3 having dino mode

Mister_V2688d ago

They gotta have SOME sort of survival mode, just to fit in at least :)

SilleGamer2688d ago

Dinos in Battlefield 3 would be awesome!