Impulse Gamer - Xenoblade Chronicles Review

Impulse Gamer - Xenoblade Chronicles is the latest Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) to arrive on the Nintendo Wii that not only contains one of the best stories of this genre in quite some time but also boasts some impressive gaming mechanics. The highlight of this game for me, is that the developers have actually tried to challenge this genre and as opposed to making another Final Fantasy clone. It's easily one of the most engaging games of 2011.

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tiffac0082691d ago

(continues to beat the dead horse) lol! XD

tarbis2691d ago

*hands tiffac a spiked mace.*

Titanz2691d ago

I hope this game sells well, so we can get a sequel for the Wii U.

laaakokaracha2691d ago

I just want other developers to investigate what made this game so brilliant

start being creative...!!