A Desperate Plea for Triple-A Game Delays

Kotaku: In today's totally timely episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, Mindsale would like to have a word with the publishers of this fall's biggest video games.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2595d ago

No way, even if you cant buy/play them all its better for them to come out because then they will drop in price by the time you have finished the first games you buy.

MaxOpower2595d ago

But this is not about you, as much as is about the industry. The marked is getting flooded, great and amazing game gets lost and drowns. And it's harming the developers.

Darrius Cole2595d ago

Bull, it is about me, I AM THE CONSUMER. I want what is best for me. They want what is best for them. We make a deal somewhere in between.

MaxOpower2595d ago

@Darrius Cole

So true, but no one wants to postpone all the releases. Just some, this fall/winter is stupidly stuffed.

As the article says:

"January is all yours if you do. People have a lot of extra holiday cash lying around in early January, burning holes in their pockets and begging to be spent on media"

I have already made a great top 10 list for this year, and so many amazing games has still to be released.

jbiz3302595d ago

Lets look at movies in comparison. Do you know how many great/good movies that have come out that werent widely seen when they got released? Its always been a mixture of timing/marketing/how good the movie is for a hit. Some make it some dont its really just the nature of the game. Its a dog eat dog world for those 'out the gate' dollars. Doesnt mean they cant make money on the back end when that great/good flick becomes a dvd cult classic.

MaxOpower2595d ago


Comparing games and movies are never a good idea, since the distributing models are sooooo different.

In movies the competition is so varied, there's the smaller indie flicks, the big block busters, the critic pleases, and so on. In games we have two, maybe tree... the big 60$ games, the "budget" games around 40, and the downloadable form 10-15. And sure there's more then that, the MMO's and PC indie things, but besides Minecraft and WoW, those games rarely "matters".

Again, not I or the writer of the story say move all the fall/winter games. But no harm wold be done if one or two games were pushed.
And BTW this is already happening, this was why Twisted metal was pushed.

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Darrius Cole2595d ago

If any game is going to delay it should be Modern Warfare 3. There has been a Call of Duty game every Christmas season going back 4 or 5 years. You can't expect every good game to keep moving out of the Christmas window and allowing the Call of Duty to sell 20-25 million units without serious competition.

jbiz3302595d ago

this is just utterly dumb. Im not even a fan of the series but Activision makes literally over billion dollars a year coming out the same time every year. no one is going to listen to "Darrius Coles" pleas for MW3 to move..

Darrius Cole2595d ago

You misunderstand. The point of the article is at developers should make a moral decision. My point is that if anyone is going to make a more moral decision it should be for Call of Duty to stop trying to "hog" Christmas. Don't get it twisted...those sales numbers would be less than half of what they are if Call of Duty released in January or February.

But the reality is that morality or fairness has nothing to do with this. I understand that.

Personally, I don't care what they do. I don't want any of them to move back and I don't want them to stay where they are. I will do what is in my own best interest. I care what they do only to the extent that it helps me and I know that they will do the same.

MaxOpower2595d ago

I would prefer Assassins creed. I LOVE the games, and I would always want more. But so many games are coming out this November, Skyrim alone would have been enough.

I wouldn't be upset either, if RAGE was pushed some time.

Solidus187-SCMilk2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

yeah, and by the time your done with skyrm, you can buy the new AC game for 30$ on sale instead of paying 60$ if they had delayed it.

MaxOpower2595d ago

Sure, and I will. But this will mean that Ubisoft is losing 30$ on me as a customer. So why not just push it, and let me pay full price.

jbiz3302595d ago

The thing is the Spring Time in the last few years has been no slouch either. Moving into next year early will set a whole new slew of competition.

smashcrashbash2595d ago

This is unfortunate but it really isn't as simple as that. I reminds me of someone who was saying they should delay R3 for 2 months to put the patch on the disc. But that would screw up deadlines and plans.

The same way you can't just delay games to spring just because you can't pay for them. What about people willing to pay or those who can afford it? You leave them out in the cold for everyone who is not as well off? People can't see nothing is as black and white as that. You can't just tell your whole company ' delay the game until next spring'. without concequnces.

BrianC62342594d ago

This is dumb. Why delay games? Go ahead and bring them out. Nobody has to buy them all right away. Buy the one or two games you really want and play them. Then watch for sales. Right after Christmas stores have a lot of sales. Games that already came out are more likely to be on sale for $39.99. If they're relased in January they'll be $59.99.