EB Has Broken The Street Date for Dead Island

Kotaku: A few Kotaku readers have tipped us off to EB Games selling Dead Island a day early. The game’s official release date is September 9, but a number of posts have gone up on EB’s Facebook page from people who have seen the game on sale today.

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marioPSUC2595d ago

Why was this approved? Its a day late

princejb1342595d ago

thats weird ebgames/gamestop are very strict with their release dates
they wouldn't break street dates not even if the obama told them to

Mikefizzled2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I got the game 2 days early in the UK for a price equivalent of $50 with a free male T-Shirt and some DLC. So this is irrelevant.

andrewsqual2595d ago

So I can go out and buy it right now, sweeeeee.......AW WAIT A MINUTE.