GameInformer: Review: Time Can’t Touch Team Ico’s Classics

Video game elitists insist that people must earn the right to call themselves gamers. Enjoying playing games isn’t enough; you need to prove your dedication by experiencing a shifting collection of definitive titles. The specific entries vary, but both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are frequently mentioned on such lists. I don’t advocate that exclusionary view of gaming, but I agree that these titles from Team Ico perfectly illuminate many facets of the medium’s appeal.

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NukaCola2649d ago

Team ICO! You got to love them. A classic game through and through. I am excited to play these again.

IM_A_NINJA2649d ago

Glad to see they turned out good, but having already played them I wont be buying these. Good for people that maybe haven't gotten the chance to play these games though.

Just too many solid new games coming out to spend money on last generation games.

KingSlayer2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Like Rise of Nightmares? LULZ. Great games are great, regardless of generation.

EDIT: Do you recall mentioning "new"? Is Rise of Nightmares not "new"? And let's be honest...Ico/SotC even as PS2 games, shit all over what you deem "inventive". So inventive it has an auto-movement option AKA on-rails. Mind blown.

IM_A_NINJA2649d ago

Rise Of Nightmares was something new, inventive and I wanted to support that so I bought it. I bought Shadow Of The Colossus years and year ago and had a great time with that game, back then it was new and inventive and I supported it.

Also, I don't recall mentioning anything about Kinect or Rise Of Nightmares, so not sure why you brought that up?

Trolls will troll I guess...

nycredude2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

So as long it is new, it doesn't matter that it sucks you will buy it because you want to support new games?

What you are actually supporting is bad new games. Sorry but I like good games no matter the generation.

Why o why2649d ago

great pair of titles. preferred sotc but both games are very immersive

Sunhammer2649d ago

Day one, can't wait! Two of the best games ever made.

GamersRulz2649d ago

This collection is better than most games this gen.