Need for Speed: The Run -- Porche unveil trailer

TVGB: "As if to rub it in the fact that Forza 4 won't have them -- as recent news revealed -- EA's released a dedicated Porche trailer for its upcoming Need for Speed: The Run."

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JellyJelly2649d ago

Not even Porsche exclusivity and Frostbite 2 can save EA Blackbox from producing turds.

Bob5702649d ago

Wow, as soon as it get's out that EA is blocking Turn 10 from having Porsche's in Forza, EA goes out and flaunts that they have Porsche's in their crappy game.

Sorry EA, having rights to Porsche isn't going to bring your game to the level that Gran Turismo and Forza are.

lastdual2649d ago

I've bought several NFS games in the past, but this licensing BS has really turned me off from the franchise. I won't be buying any EA racing games unless they're used copies from here on out.

Quagmire2649d ago

I'd buy The Run over Forza 4 anyways, Porche or no Porche

Ben122649d ago

well ea i was thinkin of buying the run, but ever since you took porche away from forza 4 you can now bite me. to bad for you. as i am a hardcore gamer, and yes i do buy an awfull lot of games just not need for speeds anymore. way da go ea real nice.

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