Need for Speed: The Run -- Porche unveil screenshots

EA's released the first screenshots from Need for Speed: The Run Porches.

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dark-hollow2601d ago

Rubbing salt on the wound, eh EA? ):

ryhanon2601d ago

I can't wait to customize my very own racing porch. I wonder if they'll include a screened in customization option and if that will make it go faster or not.

BlmThug2601d ago

Lol Porch. Its Porsche

Rattlehead202601d ago

How can people fail to spell PORSCHE correctly?

C L O U D2601d ago

People that don't live in Europe spell Porsche wrong

level 3602601d ago

EA keeping the rights to own the Porsche brand honestly is no big deal. The only real loser is Porsche.

Porche - embarrassing!