Shadow Of The Colossus HD First 15 Minutes Video

NowGamer plays through the first 15 minutes of Shadow Of The Colossus to see just how the new and improved HD graphics hold up.

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newn4gguy2597d ago


Can we get an alternate link or something? Flowplayer sucks!!!

Shadowaste2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

wonder if it will looks as good as the emulated pc gonna go with-----no.

Bathyj2597d ago

Who cares, I'd rather play it on my Bravia with my Dual Shock in my hands, the way its meant to be played.

Plus 3D and Trophies, for those that care about that stuff.

newn4gguy2597d ago

Oddly enough, I've seen them side-by-side and the HD remake looks better. They didn't just put a new filter on this. That's why it's taken them so long. They improved textures and framerate like CRAZY on this thing!

It's strange, really. I mean...look at RE4 HD. It doesn't look anywhere NEAR as good as the PC version of RE4 with mods. Lol.

Shadowaste2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

kool....thanks for the info, might have to pick it up or at least rent it, love both games a lot!!

So they actually did more than just upconvert and add anti aliasing, thats how a remake should be done, completely revamp the game, not just up the resolution, as stated we can do that on pc for free./

I am very disaapointed with the splinter cell remakes, they run terrible and the original pc versions all look better....hope your right, shadow of the colossus is one of my favorites and if it looks truely epic hd, I'll just freaking buy it, screw renting, that game is a classic!!

Shadowaste2597d ago

you can play it on your bravia, dual shock in hand, 7.1 audio on pc, as long as you can follow directions

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