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NowGamer reviews ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection and gives both games decent coverage.

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JoGam2601d ago

As of now the best score I've seen. Cant wait ti get mine.

NukaCola2601d ago

VideoGamer - 10/10
GameInformer - 9.75

Getting great scores.

fastrez2601d ago

Loved these games back in the day, and I'm sure I'll love them when I get them again on PS3

Roll on Last Guardian!

mrmancs2601d ago

buzzing i never played this game now , for now i can experience it in hd , jobs a good en :)

Dread2601d ago

This is pure gaming awesomeness

no gamer can deny the beauty and brilliance of these games. I will be picking this up fo sho


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