10 Games That Need to be Released in the Xbox Live Arcade

The Game Fanatics: "The XBox Live Arcade has provided a way for companies to offer gamers a chance to re-experience classics. So many games have been released throughout the time line of video games, that it is quite difficult to have played them all. Also there is also a section of the community of gamers that were too young and missed some prime gaming simply because they weren’t born yet."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2595d ago

I think it needs new or old 2d Megaman X games, and also the original Turtles in time, not the soul-less 3d remake that made the game worse. I still have the original turtles in time on SNES and its awesome, but I would buy a digital copy for sure if I could ply with friends online. they could even include a 4 player co-op.

maawdawg2595d ago

I would love another Power Stone game, it was a lot of fun. I would put Killer Instinct Gold on this list in the top spot, personally.

otherZinc2595d ago


Those games suck, except Power Stone & Capcom vs Snk.

The only game needed on Live is Elevator Action. Everything else on PSN isn't needed.